Saturday, January 31, 2004

Think Open.

From this week's Wednesday till today. This period has been very busy and tiring. Its only a beginning but I like it very much.

So what is it about?

It is simply work.

Work, a process rejected by the lazy vice in all humans yet work is needed to keep our sanity alive. I enjoy work, but of course, too much of it drives me cranky. I've been doing simple compiling work of my FYP project analysis report, yet it require a lot of attention and effort.

Some and most people may seen compiling different people's tasks into one integrated work is an easy job. But I don't mix tasks into a result, I integrate them into one. So the beauty of it all is to make sure these tasks dance with each other in syncronisation. To make it perfect to the limit.

So, what was my problem doing this report? Well, frankly speaking some of my team members for FYP didn't really did the job to the full expectations I wanted, even though they're adequate. But my perfectionalism in my blood act up. I try my best to perfect it to the limit. Cos' a well done report does not only benefit me, but the rest of my team members as well.

But never really got everything compiled. I've requested to postpone the deadline to hand up the report through my supervisor a few times already. Even till now. Joycelyn, my team member who's doing project research and her own biography and her job description failed to pass it to me due to some frustrating technical problems on ICQ, on e-mail systems and others. I trust that she did her job long time and was not procrastinating even though I did not see hers.

I must get that thing fully compiled and hand in by next Tuesday.

Recently, my friend Chee Wee has some very private problem and worse still, maybe the problem upset him quite a lot psychologically. Now from my other friends who were with him on the same FYP project group with him that he's slacking off and was free-loading on the project.

Chee Wee's team was doing on a 3D fighting gain and Chee Wee was doing graphics design for the team. But so far, Joseph didn't receive any results he wanted.

Chee Wee's character is a bit angst, slightly lazy, unmotivated, give up pretty easily and lack the initiative to be progressive sometimes. He sounds quite bad huh? Nah, I believe everybody's like that from time to time, even for me. But he's definitely slightly has too much of those character traits. He have too much fun sometimes.

We definitely wanted him be the best man he can be, so we have to harden our hearts to be more rejective of him.

Fun at play is a good thing but it is best that we finish our jobs first before we play. Fun can be destructive to an individual sometimes. I've seen a friend who LAN gamed out of polytechnic. I don't want Chee Wee to be one because he's my good friend.

I'll just simply persuade him to do his job and tell him to be more progressive like I wrote in his Friendster testimonial.

Eiizumi's Crappy/Inspiring Quote or Quotation of this Blog:
"Everybody hate work, but they keep people's sanity alive somehow."~ Eiizumi

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Incoming Squeeze...

From last week till today. Well, Chinese New Year's 15 days of celebrations are here again. As an annual activity, I've went to Malaysia to visit my only grandmother over the long holiday weekend. I went into Malaysia on the night of the Chinese New Year Day's eve.

The only magnificent thing I've ever seen in Malaysia were its night of stars. Yes, we do see stars in Singapore, but most of the stars in Singapore were blinded by the city lights, hence you see less stars in the bustling city nights of Singapore. But in a very dark place, like on my way at the Malaysian expressway during the night, you see all the constellations and stars filling the cosmos.

Truely a universal wonder and beauty.

The Chinese New Year Days in Malaysia were not very interesting though. The only great fun things were receiving the red packets and playing illegal fire-crackers there. My small cousin children were the only people having the fun. We as the grown-ups, with more mature cousins were there busy trying to make sure the kids wouldn't hurt themselves.

Not all of my relatives were there at my 7th uncle's house where my grandmother lives. My aunts were not there. All the rest of my uncles were there though. But this Lunar New Year seems a bit unfulfilled and dull as not all the relatives were there to make the place more rowdy.

Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year : )

Talking about work in school, I'm finally starting to feel the squeeze that a lot of work is gonna be done for my FYP (Final Year Project), ACAN (Advanced Computer Animation) and AAUP (Advanced Audio Production). Of course, I try to take them on and try to take them easy, step-by-step, stage-by-stage, from time to time. That'll make me do my work progressively and not die out half way before reaching my goal.

For FYP, my team going to the concept art stage soon. Our main production headquarters will be at the Kinema Entertainment's office, which will be our production house. We see our concept work all over the office there I guess. Just to state one correction, the client we're dealing with is Astreal, not Astrial as I initially stated.

ACAN and AAUP is coming in slowly. So is my ELIT (Ethics and Laws of Information Technology) module, which doesn't seem to fit the bill not (not in the range of concern for many people) .

AAUP is pretty much an one shot, one kill thingy. We'll finish it off within one day I think. The current AAUP assignment is just sound recordings in the studios.

For ACAN, I've teamed up with another FYP Project Team's leader for ACAN, he's Joseph. I've worked with him for all 3D projects and others throughout my poly life. That'll be pretty tough but I think it would be good as Joseph's a good 3D designer as well as maker. Together, we're invincible (but with our 3D Master Shian, we would be dominating!).

Eiizumi's Crappy/Inspiring Quote or Quotation of this Blog:
"The cosmos's deep, but there'll be stars to guide the vessel's deed."~ Eiizumi

Saturday, January 17, 2004

Easy Company.

This week, Monday to Saturday. Ah... This week has been still pretty slacking in the face of my FYP. Lectures, tutorial and practical classes went on like a breeze with nothing much entering my head except that they were all to me in a, "Ah... That's all chicken feed if I study it... later. All basic common sense lah" attitude.

I've suddenly started to worry my grades and my FYP work yesterday and has finally started doing something progressive for my FYP just yesterday night (the early morning of today) and seriously think about my other modules work.

My worries were redundant in which I knew as our director, and I can say mentor, Mike, for our FYP project was no longer our so-called client. He would just be our director and mentor. We finally met him for a meeting after several unsuccessful attempts to meet him, to decide on some things. I agree with that now the title positions given to him perfectly fits his position. Since our project production was now a music video shoot, Mike has called for a local band called Astrial (I think the band's name is spelled that way). The band has performed an music video by Mike's company, Kinema Entertainment before. The band is a signed band for the records company EMI. The band rocks with their music and I certainly do not dislike their music.

The only special thing that happened this week other than having fun somewhere was previewing the COMGRAPH 2004's preview showcase of quality international work of 3D animation and digital art work pieces, organised by SIGGRAPH yesterday evening, held at The Substation at Armenia Street.

I love all the 3D animation and digital art video clips, my favourites were those of humour and those required of high-level of technical skills needs.

The only thing that really kind of bores me is the abstract 3D digital art video clip known as the Eternal Gaze. It definitely seems eternal as it was about 15 minutes long and was the last clip. Maybe I found the last clip that way because the previous clips in front was much shorter and the storylines more interesting. I had to wait for quite some time on that clip for something surprising to happen. The only different to others is that the Eternal Gaze was based on a true story though.

Guess the most surprising thing was meeting Wanzhen outside queueing for the next round of the same preview show after I left the theatre. We were both quite shocked to see each other and went, "Eh?!" at each other. I didn't really say much to her as I was pretty shocked to see her too and don't really know what to say anyway. I was after all disorientated after the last abstract 3D digital art clip. I was eager that Sidik would meet her too and would not miss her presence too. So I kept turning around to find him. Sidik definitely could bring out more topics to talk about. But Sidik in the end also met her too.

Another small surprise, the lead female singer of the band Astrial was orgainsing her photography works at the small gallery at The Substation too.

After the whole show, we simply went to Plaza Singapura's foodcourt for some food and chat, before I went home to do my FYP work of the late night.

Eiizumi's Crappy/Inspiring Quote or Quotation of this Blog:
"Abstraction is the torment of thinking what something is."~ Eiizumi

Monday, January 12, 2004

Days of Fun, Relaxing and Happiness!

Since the last week till now... Gheezzz! These days after the school re-opened has been real weird. I'm having fun, going out with my friends at full force for LAN gaming sessions, having relaxing lecture and practical classes (I skipped one tutorial class though...), went out for two movies on two days for The School of Rock and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (in which, I watched it again).

Sounds like I'm not having any big projects this year? Yes, I did have one. My multimedia Final Year Project (FYP). As of I typed on my previous blogs, my team members and I were suppose to shoot a good short film for our so-called clent/ director/ scriptwriter. But in the end, due to the rigid, stiff and unflexible project assessment system and the fluid, free-flow schedule of the short film project, my project team had to gave up the short film and shoot a music video instead as suggested by our client, Mike.

Strangely, client was suppose to make all the vital decisions to the project but Mike gave us options. Client was suppose to chase us for project progresses, instead our supevisor (our lecturer, Kenny Ong) chased us and we chase the client. That's not rightly realistic as a real project, isn't it? Because Mike's doing the primary starter of the scripts and plans. But we have to hand up these plans and proposals to our supervisor. Hence, the mess.

We initially voted 7 out of 8 to shoot the music video instead as there were too much complications with the short film project as our client, the actors he chose had very different, unstable schedules of their own. Even our client's schedule was unpredictable. Our team just could not match theirs.

The one who voted oppositon still did not give up was Chan Kent. Politics had started and now, he's rejecting stubbornly to shoot the music video and trying to propaganda other three weak-minded voters, Jeslyn, Banu and Joycelyn. They were the reluctant ones who did not wanted to gave up the short film type project.

Chan Kent is really an unwise, tactless and stubborn person. I've already quit trying to convince him to not to start a "mutiny" by keeping on his short film idea in the team. Shian, Dawn and I knew him, it was his ultimate stubbornness character, again. Worst still, he admitted he's stubborn and don't change.

I thought they understood all the complications on the short film project and why we chosen the music video project instead...

Even the client, Mike wisely suggested we shot the music video for best of all interests. The other wise men (and woman) were Shian, Syazali, Dawn and I. Now the team were basically in two factions.

But I'm not exactly fearing that there'll be a crisis for this whole project for a start. Though I do worry, I think tomorrow's meeting we'll clear up all the mess, especially with the wiser client Mike by my more sensible faction. It should be adviced that wise people tells you what you need to, not tell you what you want to do.

Hope, everything will clear up smoothly tomorrow...

If not, my sensible faction for anti-Chan Kent sentiments would be high. Cos' he's absolutely becoming nonsense. He may think he's god but if he does not listen to truth, reasons and facts, he would be no less than a dog.

Eiizumi's Crappy/Inspiring Quote or Quotation of this Blog:
"If a person who just listens to me and doesn't think at all, then I rather prefer talking to a cat or dog while patting it."~ Eiizumi

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

All the Missing Days, Start of a Fresh New Year!

Since don't know when... till now. For blogging, it seems like it was all of a sudden a brand, fresh new year. Didn't really bother to keep up blogging my activities as it was pretty general and routined.

Swimming at Jurong East Sports Complex's swimming pools, beaching at Sentosa's Siloso Beach, jogging in the morning, workout in the evening and just online surfing net or playing games at my home's PC were all but routined, period to period.

Apart from the special, rare activity of playing overnight mahjong on one of the day during the holidays (I don't play overnight mahjong last time), all the rest of the days seems peaceful...

So, a new age has started. My last, new semester before I graduate. My new year resolution for this new year? Simple, Be active, be enthusiastic and be alive this year. I'll have to work harder for my grades this year and be a better man, so I can leave my poly life in one piece and in peace (get a good diploma). I would also need to be prepared so I can serve my country. For honour, for my nation.

Eiizumi's Crappy/Inspiring Quote or Quotation of this Blog:
"You decide the land you want to discover, navigate the seas you travel, the storms you brave and the waves you ride."~ Eiizumi