Monday, May 28, 2007

Relaxing Days.

Relaxing days are finally here. Its so good to complete the June issue's magazine. Now, all that is left is the printing part.

My brains are carefree now, for the next few days. And there's going to be another holiday coming. Can rest more : ) How nice.


Saturday is a great day to be out meeting up my friends.

In the evening I went to meet up with my poly mates, Kent, Jin Jian, Syazali and Joseph, to go for Andhika's BBQ party at the West Coast Park.

But in the end, we were late as scheduled, as we took some time looking for a proper present for Andhika. But the real time wasting part I think is the walking part. The most redundant timing wasting walking part is the one led by Kent from the IMM to a bus-stop near the Creative office building.

Kent.. Always the same. Serious I must always point some blame to him on time issues whenver I go out with him.

Becos' we were late to attend the BBQ, I couldn't stay long as I had planned to meet up with FRIEND. So I left with Jin Jian, who couldn't ate anything at the BBQ as he's a vegetarian. And we took a cab and off we go.


I meet up Zane at Bugis Village where she had already shopped half of the clothes she got for that day.

We had dinner at the nearby Long John Silvers, before we start her round two of shopping.

I love to go shopping with her. Because its always fun and happening as we got lots of things to talk about. During her shopping spree, I could give her some advices. After all, working in a lifestyle magazine also made me have some female fashion sense in me.

We went to look around all of the remaining shops she hadn't visit. And its pretty interesting to see so much variety of fashion. And frankly, speaking, I don't really shop around in Bugis Village like that since my internship days in poly times. There I also did some shopping, but nothing fits my weird and strict fashion taste I guess.

Well, I think Zane has slimmed down. Or else, I don't think she'll fit into so many clothes : ) (Yes FRIEND, you have slimmed down, don't worry.)

After shopping, we headed to Kampong Glam, to chill out at a famous chill-out place call Blu Jazz Cafe. And the place obviously plays Blues or Jazz. The setting and the ambience of the place is really relaxing and nice. The warm and humid weather doesn't seem to bother us much sitting outside chatting and having our drinks and finger-food of tasty cheese sticks.

Neon lights of Blu Jazz; The handsome me with a shorter haircut for this hot summer : )

There we continued to chat till we head home our separate ways, and then still continue to chat after we reach home. Amazing. Its seems like we can chat forever sometimes.


And yes! I got to see my Cannery Ultimate membership card on that very night too! Yeh!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Thursday Midnight Fever!!!

Feel kinda shagged today. I went clubbing last night at the MoS along with Alex, June and Chee Keong till 3am plus.

Luckily I have little or no work today. Or else I'll be a dead corpse by the time I reach home.


Before I went clubbing. I had dinner with Alex at his workplace's nearby food shop, where we had Don's Chicken Pie, which he says it was nice. And indeed it is. And definite big enough to make me full. I ate the whole of the half-a-pie. Definite worth the money deducting the credits from my debtor, Alex.

After dinner, we headed down to MoS when it just open its doors for entry. I bought a couple of jugs of Vodka cranberry and Alex and I chill for about an hour till about 10pm plus when June and Chee Keong arrived.

And that's when the partying started.

Actually, I was only planning to chill at MoS, drink a bit of alcohol and then see the Hugo Boss fragrance event (which does not exist). I am also slightly relunctant to party till very late also.

But anyway, since I can't beat them, I joined them.

The party started when June started playing finger-guessing games with Alex. June was quite surprised by Alex's five-ten finger-guessing game skill. I did also played, but I lost little and drank little as well. I was still full with the chicken pie in my stomach (Alex only ate half of his chicken pie and made it a take-away. And he couldn't bring his chicken pie into MoS. Haha).

That's when they tried to make me drunk by ganging and bending the rules of the games. Well, but of course, I drank still. Since I knew, they were trying so hard to make me drink, I go along with their play. But I had to go toilet to regurgitate half of my dinner to free up my stomach capacity. Got high but not really that super-high.

I shall remain sober.

Went around the MoS to dance or just playing our fool around.

It was fun. Glad my clubbing gang is back together again.

Relaxing after work: Looked how dress-down I am.. And I really need to get a damn hair-cut!

Obviously, someone drank the most for the night. Haha. (See who's more blushed!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Rest & Relax Needed.

Haw.. Finally completed most of my tasks in hand which are related to pre-press colours issues. Not exactly in the mood to do it all because technically not advisable, which I might end up doing double job later if I do it now.

Now, I'm just waiting time to pass, and hopefully nothing comes up further to bug me.

And shit. Something just popped up when I finished that last sentence. Hate to say this, "Fuck lah!".

Why everytime something pops up at 6pm when I am going to off-work at 6.30pm?!

And why I have to pay the price of time when my bosses totally lack foresight and refuse to listen to my advice?!


Yesterday, I was really damned tired.

Woke up in the early morning for a run. And then worked from 9.30am to about 9pm with over-time.

This period lately is production period but I have no idea what is the difference between normal days and the "intensive" production period. How come I see things that can be done on normal days not pre-emptively done and I have to do all thse "last minute"? And when the period is production period, it was always only on the day I was inform, or even not that I'm going to work overt-time.

And it'll make me tired. Wasting even more productivity.

My bosses are nice people, but I think they got some issues to be solved regarding productivity.

There's difference between working hard and working smart.

"So what if you're a king, but you don't even know how your people work? You don't even know if your policies are useful to them making the results you wanted."

Monday, May 21, 2007

Boring Weekend.

Haiz. My weekend ended just like that. Nothing seriously specially different.

Went out to club at O Bar on Saturday night with a long-time-no-see friend, Thiru. Met him during 2004 when I was working with himfor a temporary job at the Singapore Science Centre. Didn't really contact with him or even go out with him but we still chat on MSN.

I jsut went there to watch soccer, drink and dance, with Thiru and his girl friends who are all pretty north Indians, except one, Stephanie, who looked like she's a mixed blood. She looked like a "white" black. But I didn't really ask.

Surprisingly, she was my junior for my poly course. I don't remember seeing her before but she looked sort of familiar. Perhaps she looked like a Taiwan celebrity also.

I don't say the clubbing session was seriously fun and entertaining. But at least I'm not bored, as I was sort of dying to go out of my house for the weekend.

Clubbing for me is some how a bit numb. Maybe the people you go with makes a different. I rather people entertain me than I entertain people bah.

Maybe I really wanted to do something different other than clubbing all the time. I want to do sports like wakeboarding but till now I haven't found a really enthusiastic kaki that says, "Hey, let's going wakeboarding this weekend!". Someone as spontaneous as this.

Haiz... Tomorrow got to work. Hope tomorrow not too much work.

Going to sleep..

Friday, May 18, 2007

How to End Something that Couldn't End Itself.

Yep. I'm still busy yesterday. Managed to finished some job task, but it doesn't seem to end. They are still some changes to articles requested by my bosses to change the whole layout.

And worst. We got only two weeks left to the month of June.

I overheard by boss telling a client that we could start print on the 22nd May. And I hope that's a bluff. Cos' its nuts. With still some articles not yet started, I doubt the magazine could make through that deadline with quality. It would be nuts to do so.

Saturday I'll be working also, much to my dismay. Dismay is to the sense that all this can be prevent if they manage the content resources well. Perhaps its time for them to hire a coordinator or a sub-editor. They just can't handle it well I think.

The contents resources they passed to me are always in bits here and there and scattered everywhere. This made me work on a loss of time during to adminsitration and processing transition time (email them back the chaged article preview etc). Worse, they sometimes just give me all of the stuff to process, and only to pick a few later. Waste of time due to work on non-critical items is the key factor to the redundancies in my process of work.

I did report all these productivity weknesses to my bosses in more simpler terms. But I guessed, like all bosses, they were blinded by the immediately outcome and results of work rather than the processes.

So you can create high quality results with poor processes huh? I don't think so.

It only makes people suffer for nothing.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Long Day.

Just came back from a KTV session with June and her colleagues. Long time didn't see her face, but couldn't really talk to her as I am really tired from work. Moodless in some sense.

But thanks to her, its been quite some time I ever went out for some decent fun or relax for about two weeks or so.

Anyway, the moment I stepped into my house, everything changed. My living room is filled with packs of concrete powder and tiles. My house is under renovation starting with the kitchen and balcony.

And my house's door-step is literally in front of my room door now. I walk to the outside of my room before I can take my shoes off. So my 5-room flat becoms basically 3-room.


Didn't had a good start for the day. I took a bus on time this morning but a jam at the AYE made me late for work by 20 minutes. And that pissed off my boss and I got scolding from him, even though I tried to show him proof of jam with the pictures I took from my handphone of the bloody jam and accident.

But as he's quite mad and unreasonable due to his anger. All he said was, "I don't care if there's a jam... blah, blah, blah..." From the moment he said that, I immediately switched off, and whatever he said I just say yes in reply by mouth.

I don't want to listen to his anger which most probably would made me bear grudges with him by being angry with him in return. And I also know I can't reason with an angry person. No point at all. So after the scolding, I just went back to do my work. I wasn't angry, but remained composed. Kind of got numb to unreasonable events like this. It happens in you life time to time.

I can't say I am right to be late also. I can only say, "Please listen to me. I am just unlucky. You don't have to make my day worse. I feel bad already."

And then, I was busy whole day, and worked over-time till 9pm plus. I managed to remain professional doing work with my bosses as if nothing happen in the morning.

Tomorrow is going to be tiring, but I don't mind. At least I de-stressed myself already.

Tomorrow will be a better day : )

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Need A Boost!

Why am I not sleeping at this hour? I simply don't know. I simply don't feel like going to work because I'm just not motivated.

I don't dread work. But it is just that I am definitely not in a pro-active mode to do my work better. I have been busy with work. But I knew I could have been less busy if my bosses seriously listen to what I need which could have made my working life more productive and balancely active, but not too much at a time, like now..

Now, its like slack~ then suddenly I'll be very busy, sometimes for no good reason. Jobs are cleared but I simply did it with less passion. I rather be constantly working on my jobs and know that I am in control, rather than now, dictate by my bosses' direction on my workload. Too much irregularities from time to time on my workload.

And when I requested some issues to be resolved, they either thinking I'm just whining or they say they're are the bosses, just do what they say? So much for being in a "team".

Now, I feel like I'm just a design technical machine..

Nowadays, I simply needed to have some thing adventurous for me to work on. I need to do something freshly interesting. I really need a boost in my life right now..

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happiness & Sadness

I went for my ex-army mate, Aloysius' birthday celebration during dinner not so long ago. Before that, I went to shop for his gift, a nice ring from Metallurgy at The Cathay.

I really tried my best to pick the nicest one for him since he's so nice to treat everyone dinner at Sakura buffet at Orchard. Its good to see him like it.

Along with him, I also met other of our common ex-army mates, whom I didn't seen for a very long time after they ORDed beofre me. And its great to see them doing well.

After the dinner, along with his other friends, we headed to the nearby Party World for a KTV session. I didn't really have the mood to sing as there was too many people singing and they wanted to sing together. I wanted to sing more on a "performance" basis I guess, so most of the time, I just let them sing.

After about two hours, Alvin asked me to go out and chill. And I realised Alvin and Chee Wee were in the same KTV as I am! And so I went to look for them at their room. I left with Alvin and Chee Wee first as I wanted to have some drinks (alcohol).

And so from Orchard, we went all the way to Ngee Ann Polytechnic, where our usual chill bar, the Halo Bar is located. Hong Yun also came. We had some fun playing some finger-guessing games. Alvin and Chee Wee drank alot.

I made Alvin drank alot and I asked him to stop which he did. And when someone else was singing one of the KTV songs, one of our friends wept. And I could guess what he was thinking as the song made his sadness re-surfaced, as he most probably still didn't totally got over her ex.

Perhaps he still blamed himself for not being a better person and he did lost something precious to him. And I know, there's nothing we can do, except give him a pat on the back, which I did.

Sometimes, a person who truly loves you wanted you to be a better person. But when he or she realised that he or she could no longer help to be a better person. Most probably he or she will leave you. It might seem easy for the party who left but definitely it is not easy for him or her too. After all, who would want to leave anyone who's precious to him or her?

Appreciation of love and acceptance of love are both totally different. Appreciation is acknowledgement and grateful to someone love and acceptance is total appreciation and acceptance, and you would want to give him or her back more of want he or she gave you.

But the worst thing to do to someone who loves you is unfair and unequal treatment compare to your other friends (where you want him or her relationship with you to be, as friends), when you do not totally accept his or her love. Seeing my friend wept, it suddenly reminded me of a close friend of mine who had this problem of unequal treatment. Yet..

I felt that she should just stay away as much as possible for her case.. I just felt that person is not worthy of her love since even as friends, he treated her unequally.

Haiz. Such is complexity of love..


Ok. I drank quite an amount of alcohol. But I am a bit hyper now, and I can't go to sleep. Going to tuang my night.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Being Steadfast in My Life.

Recently it has been really plain. That's how I would extreme what is happening to my life now.

Apart from the boring and workless working hours I have in office, nothing is really happening. Not really whining about it but sometimes boredom in office just get into my nerves. But of course I know, this is part of the parcel of my working life.

Nothing to do really mean nothing to do. I took initiative to perform QC check son my work don't know how many times le. Do until I sian.

Surprisingly, a lot of people made my boring hours less boring. Joe being one of the key person by keeping me busy teaching him how to work on some photoshop effects. Not to forget June and Maki, who were online on MSN to chat with me. My ex-army mate Aloysius too. Wubing too. Not to forget Elvin, whom I ignored (lol).

Surprisingly, both of them the girls I mentioned were sick, or falling sick. Well, weather these days are sunny and rainy and I think flu season is coming. Get well soon.

Managed to chat with Janet and Ira online MSN also during yesterday night when my usual chatline didn't called me tonight.

At least God knows I am bored and needed some help. Thank you, and you all.

Playing with Korkor, who refuses to show his face.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Feeling Weak..

Fallen ill today. I think I have caught a flu..

My body is aching and head is spinning a little. Yet, tomorrow I have to go to work.. If possible, I rather be fully sick so I can take MC and rest at home. If not, hopefully I'll be fully recovered so I can work properly tomorrow..


Yesterday night, I was chatting with my best friend Elvin, on marriage and love issues. Its certainly very rare for us to talk about serious things like that as more offten, crap and nonsense is what usually came from him.

Then we talked about what is true love. He admitted maybe he didn't truly fell in love when he had his first girlfriend. Then he asked me what my opinion of it.

I simply told him, "To love someone is to want the person to be a better person, so as she or he can survive on the days when you're not around, rather than being bother by the worldly problems he or she have around him or her."

Sunday, May 06, 2007

I Am Straight.

Declaration first before any misunderstanding. Haha.

I went to celebrate Zane's birthday yesterday, and so we went to club at Play at Tanjong Pagar, a place where quite a number gays frequent. But of course, I am straight, and luckily no gays come and hanky-panky with me. Or else, I find a lesbian friend go beat them up next time.

Anyway, apart from being with Zane, also met up with Zane's friends' and their friends' friends. All present just for Zane. I didn't drink a lot for the whole night compared to my usuals, but I did drink very fast. And that certainly made me puke (again). I didn't made a mess out of the place but I definitely do not know why I have to puke whenever I am at a new club.

Well, next time I shouldn't drink so fast, my stomach haven't even process all of the liquids (I didn't even have the "pee" feeling). I think being too full in my stomach is the reason for puking again. I drank a can of can drink before I went in also. Then I drank like one-third of a house-pour jug within 15 minutes. And also kanna two punishment drinks, two times two-finger level out of a normal jug capacity out of the Waterfall.

After that I was pretty high. Dance with Zane's female friends (which I'm more comfortable with). Got to sexy dance with Zane's Malay friend a bit also. Thanks to her friend, or else I'll be bored without any female company.

As for Zane, I simply just let her do her thing around. Though I am concern for her emotion safety, I can't really do much with her. So the best thing is to let her be, cos' I know she got anything she'll come to Uncle Agony one.

And when she's over-high after her puke moment at the toilet, her friend and I knew it was time for her to go home. And so I got to send her back home.

I am awake now, still hyper from the alcohol in my blood, so I am listening to some of my fav R&B Hip-hop music now to relieve the hyperness.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

"Everyone Loves Me!"

Went to watch Spiderman 3 with Joe and Vel just now. Before that, we had dinner at Fish & Co. at Bugis Junction. It was Joe's treat again, next time I go out with him must prepare cash so I can "out-bill" him next time.

After dinner, we went to watch the movie of Spiderman 3. For the benefit of those who have not watch it. I wouldn't want to be a spoiler and reveal the story.

Anyway for my favourite lines, it is when Parker attended his best friend, Harry Osborn's funeral after a series of bad blood and re-patching of their friendship.

"Whatever battle we have raging inside us we always have a choice, a choice to do the right thing."

And, "We have to forgive each other or everything we ever were will mean nothing."

Very true these statements to be use on our every day life and to be use with our relationships with other people who make the difference in our lives.

And I would like to focus on one more thing, apart when Mary Jane Watson didn't tell Peter Parker her own problems, Peter Parker did wrong things unintentionally, in which, escalated to something bad between them. So accumulation of ill or negative feelings isn't doing any good for oneself or for the people whom they care about you, simply becos' the people who really cares about you, might hurt you accidentally instead if they do not see the whole picture or situation.

Sensitity is about knowing and understanding of other people's feelings.

So if you have problems, it is best to share with a close friend. If you have a problem with a person, you should talk about it with that person and try to resolve it no matter what. Or else, it'll just be a regret.

Friday, May 04, 2007

My Life is Gucci-Gucci?

Currently my life is a like what it is sung like this song~! I am living like a normal, ordinary human-being ; )

by 孫燕姿

約個會 餐廳選在吃到飽 一瞬間 什麼浪漫都死掉
咕嘰咕嘰 白頭偕老難見到 睡覺 起床 慢跑 洗澡 下班 睡覺

#誰比誰好 能差到多少 遲早都要 向上帝報到
 既然壞的 通通改不掉 用力思考
 (保證 自找 煩惱 放手 無聊 大笑)

數數鈔票 永遠都比標籤少 名牌包 裡面還要塞到爆
咕嘰咕嘰 什麼病都能吃藥 掏光 荷包 自我 慰勞 工作 花掉

*誰比誰好 能差到多少 遲早都要 向上帝報到
 既然壞的 通通改不掉 用力思考 (保證 自找 煩惱)

我們都好 我們都是鳥 冬天飛向 南方的懷抱
一起築巢 地球飛一遭 放棄思考
(不要 自找 煩惱 放手 無聊 大笑 無可 救藥 禱告) 我不要

地球 還不太熟 旅行 想到太空 月球沒有好朋友
相愛 不肯擁抱 仇恨 記得太牢 原始的情調 是什麼面貌
好想知道 能不能求饒 能不能咆哮 一點就好 真實就好

Repeat #

Let's wake up in the mornings Let's go to bed at night
Let's make hay in the big sunshine Yea we'll make hay in the light
Let's bury all our hatchets Let us get along
Let's hold our hands and save the world Let's not

Repeat *

我們都好 我們都是鳥 冬天飛向 南方的懷抱
一起築巢 地球飛一遭 放棄思考
不要 自找 煩惱 放手 無聊 大笑 碰面 都是 問好 咕嘰咕嘰

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Uncle Agonying.

These days doesn't seem to be good days for my Taurian friends. Their birthdays are coming this weekend but they're not as happy as they should

One of them yesterday was upset as she's still can't get over with a guy she loves but he treated her badly and is taking her for granted.

Another, I was wishing her an early happy birthday on MSN messenger, but she just found out that her unfaithful husband is still not being committed to her marriage. She was crying and was hurt.

Both I have to readily stand-by with them as both of them help me through a lot many things, big and small.

Although I am not the solutions to their problem, I just pray for them that they may find a way out of their miseries, with me as a friend by their side of course.

Funny eh? I was still depressed a few days ago. Sometimes I really wonder how I became stronger when I summon all my courage to help them seeing them how bad my friends were doing.

I'll never abandon a friend in need, no matter how busy I am, I will try and make time for them. All they have to do is to pull my ear to their mouth and I'll listen to them.

Why I Always Have To Guess?

My God, you playing with me again? Just got to talk to June when I spotted her MSN general message that she was going to delete someone's contact. Instinctively, I went to read her blog.

And after reading her blog, I was happy we are still concern about each other as friends. And frankly speaking, I've been reading her blog all the while, although I wouldn't admit it cos' my friends will start nagging at me again becos' of the incident happened between me and her.

And so I asked her, whether to delete the contact, was it to be mine?

And true enough. It was suppose to be me (I guessed it right).

She explained that since I was staying away from her, so that she thought of delete me off since I wasn't contacting her much.

Well, I said I stayed away because I needed time to live without falling in love with her or what again, and just to my new phase of life. But I still hope I remain as friends with her, that's why I still kept her contact in my list just in case she needs me. Now, I'm busy with my new career, my family (after my sis moved out, I need to socialise and treasure with my parents more), my house is going to be renovated and to find the balance of my social life (especially my office is lacking socialisation with out any colleagues other than my bosses) and handling some of my other friends' problems.

And when I tried to explain further, my bloody internet disconnected again. And when I managed to troubleshoot finished, and came online. She's offlined.

Hope she do not really delete me. Or else it'll be a pity, I hate to lose this friend again..