Sunday, November 30, 2008

Sleepness Night

Its been long time since I can't sleep for a night.

Slept immediate after a big dinner on Friday from 9pm plus to 10 am the next day. Had chilli crab, assam fish and other good dishes with my family as mum strike a small 4D.

Was feeling so sleepy after that meal due to eating fully and my brain tired from the 3 days of training.

Next day was doing some private work on imrpoving some processes in my department and then went for dinner and movie with the West-Siders gang.

Body of Lies is the movie and I do not recommend watching it in theatres. Catch it on DVD please. The story progress is so linear. Nothing to expect and yet no surprisings twists. Its a "safe" story.

Went for prata supper after movie, and then reach home about 1am feeling full. Played game till now but still not tired.

But I better turn in now. Its 5am.

Lucky tomorrow's Sunday and I can sleep till noon at least =P

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am a Ma-ny-zer

I realised I am more than just a product designer and a logistics executive in my office.

I am:
1) AV personnel (Yup. They always ask me troubleshoot the projector.)
2) Multimedia Helpdesk (Yes, I always do my Head's powerpoints.)
3) Forecast Manager (A role for planning logistics forecast.)
4) Supply Manager (Monitor stock movement.)
5) Materials Manager (A partial role by working hierrachy, in which its one of my core jobs to design packaging materials)
6) "Free"lance Designer (I design small marketing stuff for free for colleagues from other places)
7) Street Director (I'm famous for giving directions to people to places)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Basically Happy.

I am basically happy now. I just want concentrate on work and earn more to keep.

Someone asked me what I think about marriage.

I think marriage is not only about 2 persons. Marriage is not a ticket to kids.

Marriage is about union between two souls and the love ones of the souls.

Materialistic wise I want more for now.

The rest can wait. If nothing can wait, then nothing will work, then I will make nothing nothing.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps... (Wait long long LOL)

There you go finally a blog post. And yeh. Still no pictures even though I promise you one. Perhaps next time.

Simply too lazy to upload.

Anyway, time flies. Having a great time with my BB.

The best times are the times when you do not really have too much things to worry about, much less whine about anything.

Its been a really great weekend. Apart from losing a hundred bucks during Saturday, everything is cool.

On Friday, we had farewell dinner for my German colleague, Oliver. Had a filling Japanese meal at Sushi Tei. After dinner was chill-out + dancing at dbL O. Drank a lot and had a great time chatting with my colleagues, especially those I do not normally chat to. Alcohol are great icebreakers I guess.

Oliver had fun that night, he almost wanted to strangle a teenager fighting space on the dance platform. Well, I told home this is Singapore, not Germany, and don't bother to fight an adolescent who fights for everything.

(We say he's still pissed with not getting a contract after working so hard as an intern for half a year plus, making things work in our department since start. Perhaps its also a bad time not getting a concrete job after he graduate when he finish his thesis in Germany. Kinda frustrating when efforts is not recognised the way it should be.)

To cool him down, we brought him to eat Bak Kut Teh. From there everything is fine =)

Next day is mahjong, whole day. Met at Ros house for the session since almost a year. And she got a mahjong friend, who is nuts. Won the rest of the 3 players. Kept on Men Qing + Ping Hu + Zi Mo, where got people so lucky? We can't have any idea how to even prevent her from getting the tiles she needed.

God damn it, I lost $100.

After that, I went for wedding dinner of my secondary school friend. At there, we met the bunch whom are mostly from the NCC days. Few were classmates. We had a great time. All of them are talking cock and bullshitting. Had a great time.

Didn't manage to make the groom drink though.

The next day was pretty much snoozing at Wendy's place =) And enjoying the food she cook.