Monday, October 31, 2005

Near Miss... Again.

Today, I took my IPPT test and miss my gold award by a mere 6 seconds for my 2.4km run...

Yet again, a near miss... Damnmit.

Well, hope I'll get it the next time and I shall try harder!

Anyway, I did max effort and max points for the rest of my IPPT items.

After all, I didn't really train my running constantly every week for this one, and it is definitely not bad to have maintain such a high silver standard.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Then and now... After next Monday, with my IPPT test held on that day, which I hope I could get a gold for it (wish but no motivation!), I'll be slacking the remaining next whole week! (Other than next week's Firday... Got duty... Damnmit.)

But life rocks this week, I'm doing very well on my job. No frustrations with other people messing around with me.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Living it Out.

Recently, I've been living it out. These past few weeks of clubbing certainly is great way to de-stress for that nothingness or that little bit of unfulfillment.

Someone recently reminded and stirred me up to head for another place that I like to go, to enjoy the natural elements there.

Beach. { Sea breeze + heat = hot + sandz + sea water + beach babes! }

It is been quite darn long that I went for one. Its been months!

The closest I got was the sea travelling + sea breezing on my last wakeboarding session which I was still hoping to get onto another. Its also been quite a few weeks and I am itching to go for another!

But beach chilling is something I want now. Relax under the stand, occasionally be a bit sporty playing some beach games, take a cool swim in the waters and taking look at that wonderful view of the sun, sand, beach and the sky...

Maybe even better, attend some beach party, pop open a bottle of drink with my private bottle opener!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Quick Update!

This whole week:

* Had weight lifting labour job at my working place through the random weekdays... Many KGs carried, along with many metres travelled with the weight. I'm stronger now... (Self-consolation, cos' there's more to come.)

* Fallen sickly after I caught a cold in the rainy days when it was near the weekend. Luckily I managed to rest well to recover before my weekend started. Now still having that familiar nasal cavities inflammation shit...

* Had 2X straight nights at Club MoMo (God, I'm crazy...) on Friday and Saturday! Finally got cousin Vel to vist there on the second night, but she decided the place was not for her and went somewhere else to drink with her friend.

* Had some blading time under Elvin's house's void deck after he dilly-dally around with the decision to whether to go East Coast to roller blade (basket!). Anyway, not too bad this Sunday is spent though. I could use his PC now... as...

* ... my home PC was formatted because it was unusually slow, didn't know what's the reason. But without warning, all my data stuff of my working files, pictures, memories, and my musics... all gone... when my sis formatted the C volume partition on the hard disk drive but the D volume partition (where all my important and non-important stuff is) was also shocking formatted.

I didn't know what to say when my data were all deleted... Becos' I can't blame my sis due to unforseen circumstances, especially when I didn't back-up them. I could have save my data from disappearance...

Anyway, I have to move forward.

The past weekdays sucks, but the weekend was nice.

Time to work hard and play hard for the next week!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Watch Old Virgin Do it! + Drink Again!

Yesterday, Saturday night, I went to watch the funny movie, The 40 Year-Old Virgin, with Hong Yun and Bryan.

It was really funny. But its also great to see one stupid yet courageous guy holding onto his chastity for so long, for the love of his love (or maybe for the fear of sex? What the fuck anyway...? LOL).

So, men can be that foolish enough to do stupid things for love too.

After the movie, it was late and we couldn't catch our last trains back home. So its either taking a night bus or a cab home.

But we didn't.

We went to Boat Quay's a small bar lounge some some drinks and some poker fun instead, since we're late going back home anyway.

Nice way to chill, I haven't been like pubbed for quite long...

Should try that more often. Pubbing is less physical than clubbing. Pubbing also relaxes the mind instead, and it help by making more direct socialising through communicating and having fun with your friends.

So if you peeps want to pub any time, call me! I'll be on it!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

(*v*) Tipsy!

Yesterday, a Friday night, I went clubbing with Chee Keong and his god-sis Ziting at the Club MoMo. Though not alot of people, as least it is three's a crowd, rather than two's a company.

I was there at the club first, for a free entry (was going to be late for the free entry, so I took a quick cab down there, so I paid less for the "entry" at about ten bucks), so I ordered a one-for-one jugs of Burbum Cokes.

Even after the god-siblings join me, I was still drinking and drinking till I finish that only one jug of Burbum Coke (I'm not a smoker, nor am I was dancing much, so I drink my ass off). Not for long I was feeling rather tipsy and I knew I wasn't walking on a straight line while going to the restroom a few times.

I was still aware of what I am doing. When I'm on the dance floor, I was dancing smoothly as my lips was numbed by the alcohol, and my body was "drunk".

At one point, i was thirsty, so I ordered a glass of Vodka Sprite.

So the dance was going on, with me having a certain ongoing hangover headache till late 4am.

But the feeling of being somewhat drunken was quite good (tipsy recommended, not be over-drinking till you're drunk). Alcohol really make people go merry I guess.

Too bad party-goer Eddie wasn't there at that time (poor dude's surfing in Bruneian jungles...). I'm sure the club's dance floor situation is something he would like. Music was well sequenced to the crowd's liking and lots of ladies around even till late.

When everything ended, I am tipsy and quite on the edge and *oh* bring me back home cabbie.... I got to sleep.

Its kinda great.

Monday, October 10, 2005

消失 {Disappear}
Lyrics, Composition & Singing
by F.I.R's Real



愛情要消失的瞬間 是你要離開那一夜
在一個冰冷的雨天 過了好久我還能感覺

回憶起失去的昨天 你的聲音我聽不見


愛情要消失的瞬間 是你要離開那一夜
在一個冰冷的雨天 過了好久我還能感覺

回憶起失去的昨天 你的聲音我聽不見

在身邊 每一天

愛情要消失的瞬間 是你要離開那一夜
在一個冰冷的雨天 過了好久我還能感覺

回憶起失去的昨天 你的聲音我聽不見

{The lead guitarist of F.I.R, Real, proved that he's not only good in just playing his guitar and other instruments. With this song, he also proved that he's also a talented singer, song lyricist and music composer! He rocks big time!}

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Landfill of Music...!

Just now, I went to get a couple of new music albums, one is Stefanie Sun's latest release, "A Perfect Day", and another is F.I.R's "Glory Days".

I just love their music to my ears.

They are what spurs me on getting on with my life.

So in return I always try to treasure all my beloved music albums and protect them somehow. So I always put them in the plastic bags the way I got them from the music CD shops in order to protect them from dust, sunlight and scratches etc.

But now, I got a problem.

Now my study table is piled up with full of plastic bags of music albums!

Its looking like a landfill at the corner of my study table now...

Looks like I'm going to find a solution to this problem soon. Or else this situation definitely wouldn't keep up with my album collections.

Where else could I put them? Where they can be seen as part of my life style?

But there's no cupboard or drawer spaces in my room anymore!

Some spaces are taken for my family home items by my mother! Some spaces are taken up my my sister's potential past study's trash! Sometimes I wish I could throw them all away and burn them!

Argh! Crapz!

Looks like I really got to get some really nice storage containers or boxes for my my music album collections from IKEA soon!

Mahjong Marathon.

Yesterday, Saturday. I had a mahjong marathon yesterday morning from nine till this early morning's six.

It is certainly crazy to have five games within one day, my craziest record so far.

But I had a great time socialising wih my friends. Not to mention I won big.

At first, I went to Ros' house yesterday morning to start off for my first three games of the day. Had a fun time playing and talking to them. I won major from the very first two when Huiyan (also sometimes played by her man, Weizhong), Ros and Shiling, but lost a bit when Chee Wee enter the table at the third one.

He was doing revenge for his girlfriend Shiling for her lost in the mahjong games. He really won big for that one. But Huiyan lost alot. Most probably because Huiyan and Weizhong was wearing the inauspicious black while the rest was wearing the very auspicious red!

So we ate our lunch in the afternoon, before continuing the third game which ended in the early evening, where there after, we went for a great dinner all together, at Geylang.

We were having dim sums for dinner. There were Hong Yun, Ros and Thomas, Chee Wee and Shiling, and Weizhong and Huiyan. We had a great chat time there.

After that, the rest went home, while Hong Yun, Chee Wee and I went all the way to Huimin's home for another mahjong session. Its definitely a very long time we had had a mahjong session at her home with her.

We had two games there. I initially plan to only play one there and that's it, because I'm already very tired after a long day of mahjong. And also I lost money to that game. As a saying goes, when you started to lose money in gambling, it wiser to stop.

But I took the second one because Huimin was still very onto the another mahjong game (but I guessed she regretted that after...) and they would lack one player if I didn't play.

So I took to the very last game, which was taking a very long time and was quite "painful" to play because everyone was playing cautiously as well as we were all playing quick wins to get stuck winning streaks when we were the playing the "banker" turn.

So the last game took awfully long to end. But in the end, due to that I had several major winning streaks and other seperate major wins, that sealed my biggest win of the day!

Woo hoo! (^o^)

Friday, October 07, 2005

Back to the Range.

This past week. After relaxing for so long time of about nearing 5 weeks, its definitely kinda sad going back to work at the range again.

But as a saying goes, there is no feast in the world that never ends.

Luckily, going back to work at the range will only last for about a month only before another relaxing period starts in December.

Even better, for this month's range work will be genrally shard between two working platoons. So generally, the workload will also be lesser.

Moreover, due to my manager's (OC) decision to make sure all his people pass the physical fitness test (IPPT) and to get at least a decent pass. Now we're also having rotating schedules to do range work as well as to do our IPPT training every single day, till we do our tests by the end of next November.

So, its not like everyday I had to do the boring the ammo escort duty and butt work at range. I could like have a break from range work doing IPPT training.

It may sound stupid, but IPPT training is suppose to be more unwelcoming as it is more phycally demanding than range work. But definitely IPPT training is less on my mental endurance to bear with the boredom of the range work as well as the people doing or not doing their job there.

So I guess I'll treat the tarining like I'm exercising which is also a good way of relaxing the mind and body.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Out with a Free Man.

Today, Sunday afternoon. I went out with Elvin today, a freed man, as well a newly commissioned officer, to shop, as well as watching my long awaited movie, the Corpse Bride.

Before ahving to watch the movie, I had to shop for a sling bag, to replace my two year-old $11 cheap, cheap black sling bag, which had its main compartment zip came off as well as the sling's length adjusting plastic thingy broken.

So I got a new, greenish grey + brown designed sling bag from OP. Though a bit relunctant to use some of my money from my suppose to be savings for this month (I already over-budgetted my this month's expense!), but I knew I had to replace that old sling bag sooner or later.

So there after my buy, I got to play some arcade with Elvin like we always do when we come to the West Mall. Then went to window shop again before going to cinema for my Corpse Bride show.

As for the show, I definitely applaused Tim Burton's great skills of directing such a great effort into making such a difficult and classic movie making of stop-motion animation.

Apart from the technics of the making the movie is great. The visual arts into making the environment and characters of the movie was also must be well commended. What is suppose to be dark is dark and gloomy is what it is, and what is suppose to be bright and colourful is bright and colourful.

Victor, Victoria and Emily are definitely freed for their wonderful lives ahead in this movie!

The story was simple but good along with all the wonderful lively and deadly characters which Tim Burton live up to his name for! The movie certainly bring the audience into what is the lively world of "life" after death!

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Marriage is the grave of love, or a gift of true love?

Wakeboarding, when September ends!

Yesterday, a wonderful Saturday! Well, well, well! The great relaxing times of September has finally ended, entering the month of October, which my work schedule is probably giving some work.

But I did manage to have a very wonderful Saturday on the 1st October, aka the Children's Day. I had a whole line of events for the whole day of yesterday.

The Big Win. In the morning, I had went to Ros' house for a session of mahjong in which I completed about three-quarters of the mahjong game, winning everyone their money, having to make Ros angry when she's always the one giving me the winning tile; before I left them and rush a taxi down to town.

The Quick Shop for Shorts. Why the rush to town? I had to buy a wakeboarding pants, a boardshorts for the last minute cos' I had to go wakeboarding at Punggol after that. So, I went to town, to the Flash N Splash at CityLink Mall to select a pair of boardshorts I like and I know that the shop offers a diversified variety of boardshorts for me to choose from.

In the end, I immediately caught my eye on a passionate red Quiksilver boardshorts from the array of pants, and I immediately bought it.

After the buy, I took taxi again, this time, all the way to Punggol MRT station, where there, I had my mixed dishes with rice lunch at a small shop before having to be picked up by Linda and friend, Jason.

Wakeboardin' time! After that, we all went to the Punggol Marina, met up with another of Linda's friend, Loo (I hope its spelt that way lah), where we all are prepared to get into Vincent's boat (Vincent's the boat pilot), went out to sea then to some river canal's mouth to wakeboard.

At first, Jason was doing his wakeboarding first (he's the most pro person among us) during some rain and its get heavy. Everyone got kinda cold, so we had to jump into the waters for some warmth. After that, it was Loo's turn.

Then was mine. Vincent offer me some tips for the starters. I was pretty tense up as all I wanted was to get myself standing on the board. So I got quite tense to use a lot of strength pulling my grip. So the for the first round of my turn, I drank quite a amount of water and *urgh!* the water did not tasted nice...

But after that, when I got to rest while the others were doing their chances to wakeboard. The others also told me to be more relax.

So I did. At for another first few trys of the second round of my turn to attempt to wakeboard, I got a bit too relax. My grips weren't firm enough, so when the boat goes, I went in face first into the waters...

But when I finally got myself on the board and standing with the boat pulling me on the waters, the feeling just rocks!

Then, I started experimenting with a few tries of how to steer my board left and right or even try to get over the wakes of the boat... with a bad fall that is... Ha ha ha. Though I haven't really overcome the wakes, at least I manage to get myself to stand first.

When even a baby has to stand first before he or she starts walking, right?

Anyway, I did my last wakeboarding attempt with a bad impact on my brains because I am experimenting again, before we went back to the marina.

I immediately went for a quick showers and got change before leaving the marina. Taking a shuttle back to Punggol MRT station, and then took a train to Hougang to take a cab because the area around the Punggol MRT station is literally deserted.

For the Honour of Friendship. And so, I took a cab (AGAIN!), all the way down heading west to SAFTI MI, to attend my best friend, Elvin, and my other friends' Officer Commissioning Parade.

Its definitely great and I am happy for them in finally getting their Officer rank apaulets after their 10-month Officer Cadet Course.

Thought I didn't see all of my friends who were there being commissioned, I truly congratulate them all as being an commissioned officer.