Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Today, Wednesday.

At the end of day today, I felt nothing but angst due to one extreme bad news...

Perhaps yesterday's big Singapore power blackout was an ill omen to today's bad happening.
: (

I managed to complete what I ought to do for the website. And I thought I was going to be freed of most of my work. But the bad news was that the website I was doing wasn't of the required size.

Linda wanted no scroll bars (she didn't said it initially), to the horizon or the vertical of the web browser. But the design templates she given me was in 1024 by 768 (1024 by 768 size is the FULL MONITOR SCREEN!).

Initially I told her that there's gonna be horizontal scroll bar which will be an ugly feature of any website in full size internet browser window.

But for the initial luck, her design was centralised , with two white blank spaces (and this design template style was used for her normal poster design, totally not suitable for web design). So I could get rid of the side spaces to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar.

But after I finished almost the whole of the website today, at the end of the day, she told me she didn't want the vertical scroll bar as well.

No vertical scroll bar?! Normally by design principles and for most web designers, horizontal scroll bar is a no-no in web designs.

But no vertical scroll bar?!

I was in shock and for the rest of the working day, I was in a very "pek chek" mood of angst. I just simply don't know how to react to this. I thought this kind of "shit happens stuff" happens in Digimagic on my ITP.

I can't possibly resize all images and the tables and other whole lots of things... I even tried to use mathematical logic to reduce the sizing problem. But it was totally too much of a job on my brain.

So I've gotta redo the whole website! Do it again!

(*o*) You definitely imagine how I feel now...

But the only lucky thing was no need to redo the splash's Flash animation intro, because the Flash object's size is resizable in the Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Or else I don't think I can complete it by this Friday, which maximum deadline for it will be previewed to the client.

Now, the only thing I can relieve for my depression is a good night's sleep and perhaps play on something fun.

Wish me good luck tomorrow, dudes. Hell all over me, again...

Monday, June 28, 2004


Today, Monday

First day of freelance work today at my female friend's company.

It is a very small company, very small office in the Bugis area, near the old Nanyang Acaedemy of Fine Arts at the Middle Road. The office is in quite an old, ulu office area, in a building called Bylands Building (which is very near the usual LAN gaming place at Selegie... Ha ha ha...)

So this time I'm working in Bugis again. But this place is quite far from the main shopping and eating area places. So not exactly fun to walk there.

In the office, there was only the female friend of mine named Linda, a guy named Terence (also called "Lao Da", or boss) and another dude named Edwin in spectacles.

Hope to get to know them better day by day.

Anyway, I didn't had lunch today because I was totally concentrating on my work. I was doing a simple Flash splash page of a website. Took a whole darn day to do it.

I see I was doing a bit too slow for it. But I'm still not very experienced on using Flash programme. But I'm working on it.

I had especially a hard time drawing the vector graphics of the alphabetical letters "F", "S" and "G". The letter "S" was the worst. Done in twice to at least get something decent. The problem was I didn't had the vector programme file of Adobe Illustrator.

Anyway, I've overcomed the problem and finished the splash page. Just wanted to whine a bit more about it.

Now, tomorrow is another day to do my freelance work of the website, but I hope I can complete it as fast and in good quality as possible. I don't want to be screwed anyhow.

Though not very confident on doing a good job on implementing a website, I will try my best.

Smile! : )

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Silver Awarded, Time Extended! v(^o^)v

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Today, Wednesday morning.

I have finally got my silver award for my NAPFA test this morning! *Yeehaa!*

This was my fifth and definitely the last attempt I have to do for such a physical test (till I go into NS BMT in late October or early November). It was my fourth atempt on the NAPFA test at Toa Payoh Stadium, while the very first NAPFA test attempt was in SP.

But I'm not gonna stop my physical training because I needed it for more tougher physical demands in the military.

For beauty and for health, I'm not gonna stop.

Anyway, I'll be aiming for the gold award for the IPPT physical fitness test in the military because I realised that I actually could get it if I work and train harder.

So apart from my usual workouts and perhaps even more jogging, I may also be accompanying Kent (believe it or not, Chan Kent) with his physical training through his weekly swimming routines.

I went to swim with Kent at the Jurong East Sport Complex's swimming (competition) pool yesterday evening.

When he arrived, he was wearing the army uniform (I was pretty surprised at that time as who would expect Kent to be in a smart three military uniform, at all). He just came out of camp, depart from his daily militray clerk "work".

Kent felt that he was physically weaker-looking compared with his other fellow clerks of PES E. So he did felt that pressure and decided to training himself physically through swimming, in which he said that his spine doctor said that swimming thrains up his strength of his back.

So I felt that I should encouraged him to do so. Cos' I believe that even he is a PES E clerk, he should be the strongest (at least not the weakest) among all the PES E people around him. Or he'll be a laughing stock.

Who wants to be a laughing stock anyway?

Friday, June 18, 2004

Am I going Blind? 8(

Yesterday, afternoon of Thursday.

I went to Jurong East central area yesterday afternoon to meet Elvin to make our new army spectacles together, so that we get better discounts from that optician at the optical shop at Opitcal 88.

Before we went to the opitcal shop, Elvin withdrawn $200 to borrow it to me first to make my glasses, because I didn't have enough money to make my living till I find a job, once I use all my money in my bank.

So after keeping the money borrowed from Elvin, we went to the bank's cash deposit machine to deposit them into my bank account. Then we went to walk around the area to take a look around while waiting for Elvin's mother to depart from her work at a nearby supermarket.

We needed her for bargaining with her friend optician at the opitcal shop :)

We went to the Jurong Entertainment Centre to play some arcade games, to the Fuji Ice Palace ice skating ring to take a look and then to the Jurong Regional Library to take a look at its newly renovated facilities.

After that, we went straight to the optical shop, Optical 88. Even though Elvin's mother did not came, Elvin's mother's friend, the young optician immediately recognised Elvin when Elvin told the optician his purpose there.

Initially, we have some simple checks on our eyes and old spectacles. Then, I went for a full optical check-up for my eyesight vision. During the optical and vison check, I was feeling a bit scared, as I worried that my eyesight of myopia has gone much worst again. But it wasn't myopia this time, it was astigmatism.

The yound 26 year old optician said that my new spectacles wasn't gonna be cheap...

*gulp...* 8I

He even said that it may cost up to $400 to $500.

He explained to me that my lenses for my new spectacles were the one that made my new spectacles cost so much more expensive to that of Elvin's. Most people who had astigmatism had a better 6/6 vision that mine of a 6/9 vision. So there wasn't normally a lot of 6/9 astigmatism lenses in stock, and so that makes my lenses to be more specially made, and made it cost much more.

Haiz... Should have taken more precautions on taking care of my eyes...

But it is still not too late to start before I go totally and really blind! My eyes are failing me...

The factors that made my astigmatism worsen were not taking regular check-ups at the optician (I had my last opitical check-up 3 or 4 years ago...) and most probably not enough rest on my eyes because my lifestyle at work and play are basically facing the computer monitors and television sets everyday.

Now, I should really make good habits of a healthier lifestyle for my eyes...

Now I have another wish other than correct the alignment and colour of my dentures in the future while taking care of them, now the main priority is to take care of my eyes and hopefully correct my eyesight vision with optivcal correction operations in the future.

I must work really hard in the future to get the money for my eyesight correction operation and dental correction operation.

We should take care of our health at all areas people, or else it will be too late for regrets...

After Elvin and I selected our desired army spectacle frames, Elvin's mother continued her bargaining with her friend optician, even we already have discounts from the Great Singapore Sale, discounts from the optical shop membership card and already, private discounts as friends.

Elvin even got a spare spectacle for normal use costing only an extra cost of about $50. So Elvin got two spectacles for about $200 plus.

But I was lucky that I have all the discounts I needed just for my army spectacles costing me for about $250 (or else it is really going to be $400 to $500). Even though I didn't took the young optician's offer for an extra $100 plus for the spare spectacles, I didn't want it.

I really didn't have the money to spare for a spare spectacles. I'm gonna hang on with either my old spectacles or my new army spectacles from now on...

From a chatting statement of Elvin's mother with the young optician, Elvin's mother mentioned that I borrowed money from Elvin, and that I may be going to be a loanshark debtor in the future, as a subtle joke. But I got quite offended by this joke, even I knew Elvin's mum wasn't saying that on purpose. But I didn't reply to her joke.

Anyway, I think it wasn't very nice for her to say that, especially in front of me no matter whether it is true or not.

But I try not to take that statement to heart too much, even though it doesn't give any person that right to reprimand anyone who borrowed money from you of something that isn't true at all.

At least, I'm not the one sinning to say that statement. All I can do is to give grace.

Yesterday, evening of Thursday.

After the optical shop visit, I went to take the MRT transit from Jurong East MRT station with Chee Wee, Claudia and Huimin to town.

Chee Wee and I would be going to Dhouby Ghaut's Parklan Shopping Mall for a LAN gaming session along with Bryan and Alvin. While Claudia and Huimin was heading for the Orchard Road.

On the MRT transit journey, something funny happened. When we're taking on our way by the North-South MRT transit line. Claudia, Huimin and Chee Wee was talking, when we reached the City Hall MRT station, I don't know who or what really happened, Claudia and Huimin suddenly said their bye bye to Chee Wee.

And then Chee Wee thought we arrived at Dhouby Ghaut station, a station after City Hall, which was supposed to be our destined place. Chee Wee called me alight at the station and was wondering why I was standing there silly (I wasn't really responsive then because I was thinking and worrying about my eyesight problem).

There I went blur also, thought that we wasn't going to Dhouby Ghaut MRT station to meet Alvin and Bryan, so I alighted with him.

But when we alighted, I just wanted to make sure and asked him, "Are we going to Dhouby Ghaut? This is City Hall station leh."

Luckiy, we all realised our mistakes and managed to get back to the original train we took. And then Claudia, Huimin, Chee Wee and I were laughing in the train at all our own chain of blur mistakes we made to cause such a huge stupid mistake!

Then finally, Chee Wee and I got our way to our destined place, Dhouby Ghaut MRT station, and really say our true byes byes to the girls.

At Dhouby Ghaut area, Chee Wee and I loitered around the area while waiting for Alvin and Bryan to come. Alvin arrived first, then followed by Bryan and a friend of his named Weiliang.

Then we all went to Parklane Shopping Mall's Funland to have our LAN gaming session till about 10pm.

Have quite some fun though with the game WarCraft III: Frozen Throne. The only irritating part was Bryan using all the loopholes of the game...

Anyway after the gaiming session, we went to Plaza Singapura's Burger King fast-food restaurant to fill up our stomachs. I only ordered the side order of a large onion rings, because I went home to eat my dinner instaed, so I could save some money.

After that, it was my lonely trip on the MRT train back home...

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Damn! Darn it!

Today, Wednesday.

Damn! I failed my NAPFA again! This time is the stupid 30 second pull-up item. Damn, I pulled-up only four times and another two counts of pull-ups were considered "no count" because I did not keep my arms straight.

I tried my best to pull the fifth count twice but to no avail as I already wasted much of my energy!

Darn it! Waste my energy today! I was in such a good shape and condition today! Feeling perfectly perky! And I failed because of technical mistakes in which causing to loose my strength!

But I am telling this whole world (and yes, even to my mother who is not much of an encouragement but making fun of my umpteen NAPFA test attempts) that I'm not going to give up trying till I get my silver award! And yes! Even I had failed it for the fourth time!

But there is a slight change of plans to my life now, I'm going to apply for jobs right now, even before I get my silver award for my NAPFA test.

The only consolation of the day was meeting my unseen old schoolmates from secondary school, Peihon, Jialiang and Qing Shun.

But Peihon and Jialiang said that they already got their silver awards for their NAPFA tests, why are they still taking it?

Because they are trying to cheat for Qing Shun, to replace him in some of the items but they couldn't do it because there was tight "security" and they were not in the same details.

But anyway, I went to have breakfast with my old schoolmates after our failures and had a nice chat before we took a cab together back to our homes, while I went to school again to help my friend, Marcus with some video digtising stuff (we couldn't even reach the editing stage).

I tried to help Marcus with some technical problems. But as much as I tried to help him and even suggested all sorts of solutions, SP wonderful equipments never appear to stop giving me the surprising dead-ends, gaving us all sorts of new weird technical problems, even I, a multimedia student for three years in SP couldn't even figure them out or know at all...

We almost gave up... and then we headed for lunch at foodcourt 5 eating KFC.

We became "tu lan" or "pek chek", just like any individual who did try to use SP-ICT hardwares and softwares in this particular school.

And I was in the school's freezing computer lab of T2034 till evening when the lab closes at around 5pm...

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Aeon of Glaciety.

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Aeon of Glaciety - an age of ice (glacier), cold city or society...

Today, Tuesday

I designed a digital collage today. The title is "Aeon of Glaciety". The meaning of the title is quite profound (found in the caption text of the collage displayed above).

The theme may be used in as part of my designs for my web designs.

The above collage is also available at my deviantart @ eiizumi.deviantart.com

And for tomorrow morning I am determine to get my silver award for my NAPFA test!

Monday, June 14, 2004

KTV Nite!

Last Saturday evening till late night...

I went to sing karaoke with my friends at Lot 1 Shopping Mall's KBox that Saturday night.

But before that I went to the WRONG place at the Jurong Entertainment Centre's KBox instead because Mr Chee Wee didn't tell me where was he (I heard of the last information I heard was that they were going for KTV at Jurong) and he called me late where they are there at the place already...

So anyway, I took the MRT transit from Jurong East all the way to Choa Chu Kang, where Lot 1 is based. And there I finally meet the people there.

There were Claudia, Huimin, Rachel, Chee Wee, Hong Yun, Alvin, Junlong, Soon Wei and I. There was also supposed to be Meng Kiat but he left as he didn't sing anything at all (so his seat was replaced by Soon Wei). Maybe he's not feeling comfortable with new people, I think.

We certainly have some fun that night. I think everyone did. Soon Wei was the photographer for the night and was taking pictures for everyone of us. The girls definitely sang their fill, almost with total ease, while the guys were struggling to keep their voices.

For me, I was spending my time looking for songs that I can sing. The problem with me is that I listen to songs, remember their tunes and rhythm, but I can hardly remember the lyrics well, and not to mention the songs' names itself...

Most of the male singers' songs were either too high or low in the pitch-tone for me too sing also (not to mention reaching continuous octaves or notes). My voice was a bit of the low-high, mid-low and high-low octaves, so there are continuous octave breakagess.

I prefer singing female songs, most of the time. But they are just not as easy to sing, especially for guys.

Junlong was singing those of very high (guess was pretty high that night) octave notes. Which perfectly kills any people's voice if they don't have that vocal strength power. And Junlong killed his voice to some extent. He could sing high notes but he doesn't have enough of that diaphragm power or strength.

Claudia was reading a book for most of the second-half of the KTV session, just like Junlong and Alvin reading comic books for the first-half, which was a bit weird.

Huimin and Rachel sang the most. Rachel was pretty much a natural for singing those very girly voices. Huimin was also very good in her singing as she definite had her singing training.

Chee Wee was surprisingly to have a pretty nice voice for singing. I say a perfect range from low-high to mid-high notes I think. Not much of octave breakages which made his singing to Jay Zhou's songs almost alike and sang smoothly most of the time.

Hong Yun has the ultimate low-low voice. I think it is best for him to sing alone, unless the song is sung with a really big mass of people. Because Hong Yun's voice was so low, he'll either be leading the sing or he'll be led by other companion singers who have higher pitch-tone than him.

Can't blame him for that he just got the man's sexy, low-tone voice. I can imagine him say, "Yeah baby..." in a very manly way... : )

After the KTV session, we all went to a nearby coffeeshop to have some supper.

After that, Rachel, Junlong, Alvin and Soon Wei took taxis and left first. While the rest of us decided to wait for our first trains or buses to come since it was around 3.30am, about two plus or so before our first trais and buses starts.

So, we went to somewhere outside Lot 1 Shoppng Mall and have some talking. Topics on communications between the guys and women mainly, I think. But I discovered and realised new things about people-to-people I think. It was quite a fun talk.

But I think all of us forgot about Hong Yun during that talk, who may be feeling a bit lonely and wasn't talking much. He was to enter NS that very day of Sunday...

Although I must admit that I wasn't really enjoying myself at the KTV to the fullest that night, I tried my best to do so.

Why was I not enjoying myself to the fullest?

Well, maybe perhaps from a BAD start to that KTV outing and I was feeling a bit less enthusiastic than usual. Maybe I realised that most of my friends were going into NS, for example like Hong Yun, who's going in on the Sunday. Not say I felt sad for them, but I was sad for myself that I'm going to have very much less fun company for the rest of my holidays.

I realised I really have to be proactive in finding something to do, to keep me progressively occupied.

For now, I better look for a job now. But now I have a problem, because now I have only barely two months to my NS enlistment date, it'll be tough to find to job with only less than two months of working period.

So now the priority is to get the silver award for my NAPFA test, in order to push the NS enlistment date back to October. So in which I would have more working time and could find a job more easily.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Tennis Balls & Mahjong Tiles (again)!

Yesterday, Thursday evening.

Oooh... My body was still aching yesterday from my struggling 2.4km run of the NAPFA test during the Wednesday, especially in my chest area where my lungs are. They just felt kinda exhausted and slightly in tiring pain.

Perhaps I used wrongly breathing during that run I guess, or I was simply breathing too hard and too quickly in the momentum to my running pace. I just felt my breathing rhythm wasn't correct on that run that time. But anyway, I am just gonna wait till the next week and do it right the next time.

Even in slight tiring pain in my chest and also pain in parts of of legs, I went for tennis session with Chee Wee, Siwei, Huimin and Hong Yun at Yew Tee Sports Complex.

We were all having some fun at the tennis court. Hong Yun was the only person with some experience as he did learn proper tennis playing skills. So he was the only one playing well enough, while he was also giving some tips on our slight more inferior tennis skills.

We had only three tennis racket only, so for most of the time, it was a weird two-versus-one.

Hong Yun's best worthy opponent there was Siwei, but I thought that he always use too much strength. But this muscular guy really has a lot of strength.

Huimin was complaining that she didn't get to play because nobody hit the ball to her, but neither did she hit the ball back to her opponent successfully even when the ball went to her side. Ha ha.

Chee Wee was as good as me in his tennis skills. But his main problem was that he was pretty fixed in one position, he didn't move much towards to the ball, or his hit wasn't strong enough to go over to the other side.

As for me, I wasn't really good on my tennis play also. I had enough strength to hit the ball over to the other side (but it is also out of the lines). Accuracy and control of strength wise were also not very good either. But I think I got my postures right I think? Whatever it is, my tennis skills was just as bad, or worse than what I am few years ago.

After the tennis session, we went for a change before we headed for a nearby coffeeshop to have our dinner. Hong Yun treated us the drinks (because he was going into NS soon)while Siwei treated everyone the dinner.

Siwei is really a good big brother who would take care of people I think. He always loses the most money at our mahjong sessions, treat us movies (by free complimentary invitations) and now he treat us dinner. Now, I'm not really not sure how to repay this nice guy other than losing money mahjong money to him and go play LAN gaming (if he ever ask me) I think. Ha ha.

After dinner, we went back Huimin's and Siwei's house for a while to digest our big dinner while watching the telly.

Yesterday, midnight hours.

After about and hour or so, Huimin, Hong Yun, Chee Wee and I left the house and headed for Chee Wee's house instead, for our mahjong sessions. We were later joined by Kent and Meng Kiat who just had their LAN gaming session at Ginza Plaza. But Meng Kiat wan't playing because he didn't really know how to play the game. He just went to surf net on Chee Wee's PC all night.

So we were all playing our mahjong and again, I was the biggest loser... losing about twelve buck plus I think, but Kent and Hong Yun-Huimin combined also lost some money too I think. Chee Wee was the biggest winner, winning about $20 or less.

Perhaps I wasn't really lucky yesterday, even though I tried hard enough to try and get really good wins.

Maybe I had better luck next time...

But it'll be quite long because Hong Yun is going into his NS soon, I say I wish him good luck with the police force.

I also wanted to wish those of my friends who are going into NS soon for example like my hot topic friend, Kent (though not much real good well-wishes from many to this guy because he was going to be a clerk or something less physical demanding as he got too much arrogance of advertising himself as a PES E personnel before. Ha ha ha! Good luck anyway!) and those who were actually already in the NS already also!

For my female friends, I wish them good luck in their new jobs, if not, good luck in finding their dream job because I'm going to look for my new job too!

Whatever it is, good luck and work hard people! v(^o^)v

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

The Silvery Goal...

Today, Wednesday early morning...

Ahhh... I went for my NAPFA test at Toa Payoh Stadium in the early morning again, but I failed to get my silver award, again. But don't worry I'm not going to give up yet.

My determination will be my stubborness. I'll try it again next week : )

"True success is achieving the seemingly impossible." ~ Eiizumi

This was my NAPFA test results for this morning.

1) One minute Sit-Ups: 38 times (“B” grade, 4 points)
2) Standing Broad Jump: 222 cm (“D” grade, 2 point)
3) Sit-&-Reach: 37 cm (“D” grade, 3 points)
4) Pull-Ups: 6 times (“D” grade, 2 points)
5) Shuttle Run (4 x 10 metres): 10.0 seconds (“A” grade, 5 points)
6) 2.4 km run/walk: 13 minutes and 3 seconds (“F” grade, 0 points)

I failed to reach target by 43 seconds of my my 2.4 km run/walk item...

But for all the failure, I have a good scapegoat to blame on : p

He made my sleep short last night.

A good, close friend of mine called me in the middle of the night yesterday at 1.30am while I was trying hard to sleep due to the warm heat of the night. I only slept at around 2.30am. He SMSed me saying he wanted to confide in me on something and tell me other miscellaneous things.

Concerned about his word "confide", I called him instead, because he had never confide me any personal close information except his nonsense all on sex and nothing but sex, or otherwise craps (He only trys to talk back to me when I'm telling him my personal problems *Gah...*)

Anyway, so his problem was that he was having some sticky relationship problem with a female friend of his, who "fell in love" with him. Now, the leading actor here (my close, good friend) didn't want to be involve in boy-girl relationship right now, as he was like me, heading in for National Service (NS), and say that he didn't have the time for this things right now.

The leading actress (the girl who "fell in love" with my good friend here) was good girl and a quiet person he said. She was his junior in his ECA club and was a year one student (so she was about 18 or 19 year old). But that was all he know about her, he said.

He doesn't say that he dislike the leading actress, but he did know that the girl likes him but he simply ignored it initially as a vivid imagination of his mind because he never expected someone to "fell in love with him".

Maybe because that he is graduating and he is going to NS soon (actually he's going in only in October), the leading actress here got pretty worried. So she got all the co-actors and co-actresses (her friends, who are also the leading actor's friends too, and they knew about what was happening between the leading two) to "put on the pressure" on the leading actor.

The co-actors and actresses all knew about the two. There was even an incident where the leading actor lost his $30 canister bottle and then the leading actress was helping him to look for it all over the place where he lost his stupid bottle. The girl even go through the dustbins to serach for it... But the bottle was never found.

The leading actor knew about the involvement of the leading actress in the bottle incident.

So this relationship dilemma between them got pretty intense (and definitely pending awkwardness between the leading two) recently a few days, my friend said. He was also quite in a dilemma, so he asked me for some advise.

So pop in Dr. Analytical Eiizumi (with absolutely no pHD or no what-so-ever experience in love) rounded up the situation and suggested these to him, since he doesn't want to hurt her by his rejection of her "love".

But since I also don't know well about the personality and the sensitivity of the leading actress, I gave some general options to the leading actor as of below (and obviously I ask the leading actor to be careful and tactful about the use of my any options):

1) Tell her straight in her face, "I'm interested into going into any boy-girl relationships right now".
2) Tell his stand about his "going into relationship status" to the co-actors and actresses (so this is more indirect).
3) Tell her through internet communications (if he's too "hum ji" to tell her in the face).
4) Stay ignorance and neutral (for total wimps and cowardly assholes only).
5) Just accept her lah (of course, this is for bastards, if you didn't like the girl and you still accept her. This is totally not recommended at all and is not a responsible act).

So it is all up to him now and he's most probably going to meet her today. And I hope he deal and solve with his problem properly as soon as possible (don't make the girl wait for him, or he sucks!)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

The "M" Activities!

Yesterday, Monday afternoon.

This was perhaps one of the longest period of time I've been out away from home to be involve in multiple activties which started with the letter "M". I'm sure you could guess what are the "M" activities.

Yesterday afternoon, I went to watch the movie Shrek 2 with my best friend, Elvin, at Jurong Point. At there, I bumped into Huimin, who was going to watch the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, with her friends.

The 3D animated movie was so awfully funny. Not to mention the 3D animation is really good, and that makes its whole story very interesting.

I think my favourite part was the Pinocchio stranded in its puppet strings doing his "mission impossible" to save Shrek and Donkey with his other friends. The best joke was still his lie on "I'm not wearing a woman's underwear", it which he lied and he did wear a woman's G-string!

The other part I like was when he was changed by the Fairy Godmother's magic wand back and forth to his human boy form and back to a puppet. The mood switch of Pinocchio in that scene was done marvellously funny!

I got to love that funny liar! I thing he's my favourite joker in the animation.

Now, after the movie, we went for some dinner together at the McDonald's fast-food restaurant to chat before we took the MRT transit together. He went back to school first, alighting at Dover MRT station. He still had his Wushu martial arts training.

I took the long train trip to my place of memories in Bugis...

Yesterday, Monday evening.

I went to Bugis area's Shaw Tower Cinemas to meet Chee Wee, Alvin and Hong Yun for another movie session for the movie (subsidised by Chee Wee's cousin, Siwei, who is working at the cinema), Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

From the Bugis MRT station, I walked quickly to the Shaw Towers, because I was going to be late. Walking along with rhythyms of the Irish-liked quick-paced music of my MP3 player switched on since I was in the MRT train, I walked on with my musical pace, passing the moving people around me... on a journey of my own world...

I even walked passed Chee Wee, Jin Jian, Jeslyn and her best friend Sihui near PARCO Bugis Junction, without even realising they were there...

So I reached my destination meeting Alvin and Hong Yun. After a while, in which Chee Wee and Jin Jian arrived later.

Though I didn't really watched the first two movies of Harry Potter and wasmn't much of a Harry Potter fan. I think the movie wasn't really that bad for its story by J.K. Rowling.

After two movies one shot in a day, you thought I was going home... but no, home will not be reached for the next 12 hours plus...

Yesterday, Monday night till the morning hours of Tuesday.

I went to Siwei's and Huimin's house to have a long period of mahjong sessions instead!
The mahjong kakis were the usual Chee Wee, Siwei, Huimin, Hong Yun and I. We managed to play three mahjong sessions that night! But I still suffered a lost of some money, even though I won a bit on the first session. But it was all the fun and socialising I wanted.

We played till around 5am or 6am, and there by that time, we were pretty dead beat and went to doze off on all the chairs and seats. We didn't even bother to get Siwei's sleeping bags. I was sleeping in a living room seat in the most awkward foetal positions, but I still managed to get some rest though.

Today, Tueday afternoon.

We all slept till around 11am plus where most of us still slack around at the house watching the tele and chit-chatting till around 2pm.

Saying our goodbyes,to Huimin and her another brother, Chee Wee, Hong Yun and I headed for the Yew Tee neighbourhood's central market area to have some food to eat. After the short meal, we finaly left for our homes.

I journeyed to my home by taking the MRT transit. I reached home at around 3.30pm and has been doing my online blogging till now...

Now, guessed what are the "M" activities?

There are movies, mealtimes (even my dinner was the magnificent "M" double golden archs of McDonald's. Ha ha ha!) and mahjong. Neither-the-less, the "M" activitites named to be categorised are just plain coincidental nonsense... Heh... : P

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Angel 0: )
by The Corrs

She lived like she knew nothing lasts
Didn't care to look like anyone else
And she was beautiful, so beautiful
I still hear her laugh like she's here

Shower it down on all the young
It isn't so wrong to have such fun

Forever angel 0: )
I hope they love you like we do
Forever angel 0: )
I'll be proud to be like you
Be like you
(I'll be proud to be like you)

Does the sun shine up at you when you're looking up down
Do you get along with the others around

It's got to be better than before
You don't need to worry now you're gone

Forever angel 0: )
I hope they love you like we do
Forever angel 0: )
I'll be proud to be like you
Be like you
Just like you

And when I go to sleep at night
I'll thank you for each blessed thing surrounding me
For every fall I'll ever break
Each moment's breath I wanna taste
Confidence and conscience
Decadent extravagance
Never ending providence
For loving when I had the chance

Angel 0: )
I hope they love you like we do
Forever angel 0: )
I'll be proud to be like you
Forever angel 0: )
I'll be proud to be like you
Be like you
I'll be proud to be like you

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I've Borrowed Heaven! d(^o^)b

Today, Tuesday.

I finally bought the new album of Borrowed Heaven by The Corrs! d(^o^)b

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Borrowed Heaven by The Corrs. Now I'm borrowing the heaven into my ears...

If you're wondering why am I so excited about this album, the reasons are simple enough.

This album was four years apart from the previous, so there's a lot of good anticipation. I always like The Corrs' music, but this four or five years time, I had been devoted to mainly mandarin pop, mainly idolising Stefanie Sun's music (heh... I'm her loyal fan).

But I don't know since when, I've begun to strongly switch to international English pop, especially in rock nowadays. But all but all, I listen to basically any music that makes me sing, dance, jump and feel...

Celtic, Irish, Scotty music has always attracted my ears to listen to them. The Corrs' music is pretty much of Celtic influence, so their music is attractive mix of Celtic music of rock and pop. So it wasn't really surprising for me to buy their album as I did heard their wonderful hits for times before now...

So what now?

Listen to it and enjoy it, of course!

Un-Borrowed Heaven, Salmon Grilled and Extreme Bad Weather...

Yesterday, evening of Monday till late...

They was a small outing along with Daniel and Elvin at around 3.30pm. We're supposed to catch a movie of "Shrek 2" at Golden Village (GV) Cinema in Jurong Point. Daniel agreed to watch it again if Elvin and I pay him for the ticket...

So we agreed to pay for him till Elvin backed out. So we decided to watch "Troy" (which was the first suggested movie by Daniel).

So three of us guys went shopping (or window shopping if we bought anything at all...), and I was hunting for the highly anticipated album by me, The Corrs's new album, Borrowed Heaven.

But I just couldn't find anything yesterday. There are three famous major music stores at Jurong Point Shopping Mall, they are Music Junction, CD-Rama and Sembawang Music. All I've visited, but all I've found none of that album I wanted. I was simply wondering whether it was sold out or simply a release date mistake (this, in which was quite impossible as it was shown on telly ads).

I didn't bother to ask the store assistants, becuase I can only possibly guess it was released at another more famous music store in town, which should be HMV. Releasing in big bangs (all stocks) at big stores is the usual, good marketing strategy used by many records companies. Slightly disappointed, I gave up finding it and hope to get it some other day (maybe today), some how.

After the window shopping, three of us went to eat in at Fish & Co. I was pretty relunctant at first because I am trying to cut down the money I spend on the unessentials, even though I was within my budget. I just didn't want the budget to get too tight.

But in the end, it was "what the heck" and so I went along with them. We wouldn't be seeing Daniel much in the future when he'll be in NS, so might as well enjoy the time with him.

They ordered a two person shared Seafood Platter on the basis of the dish being "Award Winning", but they never knew what award... I ordered a sole Salmon Grilled, which was my favourite dish. At first they were enjoying their nice seafood platter, but after some time, they got pretty sick of it. The overall taste of the platter, they say was so-so, but the dish's quantity was large enough for both of them.

For my Salmon Grilled in my mouth, I really love it! It serves well for me in both taste and quantity. No regrets for the good money I paid!

By the time we finished our meal, it was around 6.15pm, the time for our movie. Yiyong arrived slightly earlier than that to join us for the movie.

But the initial three of us forgot something, to buy the tickets.

We ended up to try and rush to get the tickets. Maybe I should have reminded them to buy first (cos' it had always been on my mind, but I didn't had enough money to buy all the tickets first :p ).

So we all ended up buying tickets to watch "The Day After Tomorrow". I was the only person objecting to watch it actually. I deem it as an "effects movie" (I'm sorry but I'm a film and visual effects student...), the story may be lousy as it only wanted to fit in all the weather effects into the movie. That is how they sell the movie the first place.

But outnumbered, I had no choice (again?) but join them. The movie was at 9pm plus. Two hours before it start...

So we took a bus and chat so as to get to Yiyong's house to bump around for only a few minutes so I could get to his neighbourhood's nearest POSB Bank ATM to withdraw some money to return to Daniel for the meal before. I couldn't do it at Jurong Point because all ATMs there are all crowded and yesterday's a major pay day.

After that we all took a bus back to Jurong Point's GV Cinema to watch the movie till late 11pm plus... and we all rush our butts off to catch our last buses or train home...

Think of this, everyone and everything seem to went on and off too quickly just the the movie we just watched... Hmm?

"Aren't we leadin' our lives too fast to get the good things we want while leaving too many things that we need behind?" ~ Eiizumi