Monday, April 30, 2007

Something is Wrong..

Ever since yesterday I've been on a down mood. Apart from getting irritated by the consistent lost of my internet connection and having to troubleshoot it several times. I just feel that something is not right..

Felt pretty depressed yesterday. Perhaps its a conmbination of tiredness and also frustration to what is missing in my life. I think I might know what it is. Something called true happiness has been missing. Yes, I have been happy clubbing many nights and meeting up with my friends, but it felt so short-lived.. I still have this feeling that I've lost something.

Yesterday, I also had a nightamre. The same nightmare that haunted me early this year. But this time I have no more tears to spare..

Recently, I also realised I lost focused at work. The passion to bring designing surprises on my magazine pages were no where to be found. Now, I cracking hard on my brains for a particular page on fragrances. I really need some inspirations now..

Lack of inspirations, Monday blues and lack of office social life doesn't help making my day job life interesting.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

What The Hell?

I have been clubbing at MoS for straight two nights.

Had some fun but it was really tiring. And I was wondering now, what the hell am I clubbing for 3 nights at MoS within a week for? I must be mad.

On Friday, I went to club with Alex after work, after a stressfull over-time work.

The overtime was expected. But the thing that I do not understand is, why the sudden influx of job tasks when my bosses were able to give them to me like last week, when I got pretty much nothing to do and almost got bored to death.

Seriously, I am not ironically whining about my work on that particular overtime. Things could have been better I think.

Anyway, clubbing with Alex was lots of fun as we played finger-guessing games, trying to out-do each other to drink my bottle of drink. Also met the same Eugene and Daren when we were at MoS on Wednesaday. What coincidence.

For Friday, I totally danced 6 hours straight, non-stop. Daren and his friends must be thinking I'm crazy.

For yesterday's Saturday night, after an economics seminar at Singapore Soka Association and dinner at Suntec, Alvin, Bryan, Thomas, Charlie and I went to MoS. I was hoping that they could help me finish the remaining half bottle of Chivas Regal.

Why you might ask? Simple, reduce the potential of kept on going to MoS just becos' I still had a drink there. And also, I just want my gang of friends to merry sharing my drink. Simple.

It was tiring night. My legs were weak at start. Not really keen to move. Although I try to keep myself active so that I don't fall asleep and keep my guys as entertained as possible.

Kelly, a new friend I made on Wednesday also came, along with her friend, Cindy. Got to chat with her and her friend. And we also played finger-guessing games. It was fun. And so we got to take pictures.

I took a picture with Kelly, and another I took with Kelly, Cindy and Alvin. The group of photo with the rest of the three was GOD DAMN UGLY. I didn't show you the picture becos' it was really damn ugly. The ugliness was mainly becos' of my facial expression, and I don't know where I am looking. And at that time the photo was being taken, maybe I had the mindset of that I was being taken picture using a camera phone or a digital camera. My face position looked very awkward beside Kelly's shoulder. Some more she's taller than me... Lol. That photo is such an embarrassment.

I always wondering, how come I always become a clown (when I don't want to be) in a photograph. If you can see from my clubbing pictures taken in my Friendster photo gallery. But so far, this is one of the most ugliest ones that I didn't show.

Still tired now. Going off to rest and relax on my bed to read with a good book.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ladies' Night!

I feel shagged today. Becos' I had a long night yesterday. It was definitely a fun and wonderful Wednesday evening and night yesterday. I really had fun, and I mean super fun.

I went to meet up with Zane yesterday evening. Even though I hear her voice every night, its been quite long that I see her face "live", which I really miss that animation of her face. That cheeky sweet face and her devil figure, which I hope it'll be more devil. Hee hee.

We went to have dinner together at Subway's and had sandwiches, and still had load of things to chat about. I got to show her my magazine and gave her "Yi Li Neh Neh", which she thought its her birthday present.

After dinner, we got to walk together around HMV CityLink for a while and later, to Clarke Quay while we chat. She accompanied me to the doorsteps of MoS, where I was meeting Alex for a short chill out using a free entry SMS.

After saying my bye bye to Zane, Alex and I headed into the club. It was chilly without any crowd at first. And so Alex and I got our bottles of Barcardi Breezers lime, drinking a bit by bit while we walk around and chat.

After that, I got my half bottle of Chivas Regal out as Alex had a colleague friend coming to join us but it was going to be late. Initially I was thinking of going home early without taking a cab as I had to work today. But Alex wanted me to stay, and so he bought over my half a bottle of Chivas Regal so that he can treat his friend.

In this way, I feel more worth it getting that half bottle of drink out, as it was no longer mine. Even better, if I ever get the priviledge membership, it meant I got it at 25% discount, courtesy of Alex : )

Before Alex's colleague came, Alex and I already started playing some finger-guessing games. It was fun. But this time I didn't dominate the games. And so I got to drink quite a lot. And I never seem to stop dancing then.

Got to meet Eugene, Alex's friend and Terence, surprisingly whom I find familiar. He was my ploytechnic coursemate.

When Alex's colleague, Nardine came, that was where the real fun started. Went to the main Arena dance floor to dance retro. Made everyone laughed at my moves cos' its so retro.

After heading back to Smoove, Nardine's two girl friends arrived, Joy and Kelly, a chef and a SPA consultant. Alex didn't approached the two girls much as he spend most of the time entertaining Nardine (he said the two girls were too tall for him). But still I got to talk to them as their occupations interest me, because is somewhat related to what my magazine might feature. Although my handphone battery's flat, and they were without namecards, still manage to get their numbers with Alex's help.

Drink and dancing non-stop with a lot of hype throughout the night, I somehow got the attention of many people around me. Eventually, Kelly approached me and we got to dance together with some friction (who says short guys have no charm : P ). Nice.

Then an Aryan-looking guy from Hong Kong, an executive director of a restaurant chain around Asia came to mix with us. Initially, he was well-mannered. But he started to hanky-panky too much the two girls which both of them didn't like. And so, I got to play hero for a while by "borrowing" to dance with them from that bugger.

Somehow, everything kind of ended when it was the most fun after I came out from a toilet break. Yup, though I enjoyed the clubbing session very much but it still have to end somehow. Got to take a cab home and puke a bit. Not too bad, still pretty much sober and know what I was doing.

The highness when through my sleep at home and throughout at work this morning. The afternoon was the tired period. Especially when I got tonnes of work in hand. Still, I am glad that I went clubbing yesterday.

And I thought I was never going to flirt at club again. Looks like I'm okay now.

Damn shagged. Think I'll go take a nap for a while.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What Am I To You?

Sometimes I wonder what am I to some of you people out there? Am I expendable? Easily replaceable?

Yesterday, I receive a SMS message from a friend asking me when's my birth date. Was kind of dissappointed with that question. So actually I wasn't remember at all (unless I died perhaps, then maybe someone can remember my death anniversary), after remember and attending his birthdays for so many years. Sometimes, I don't know why I try so hard to remember people's birthdays for so many years while they don't give a damn about mine. Perhaps its time for me to cut down remembering people's birthdays and start being a heartless person.

Sometimes I wonder am I just an "extra" living in other people's lives. Felt so uncherished sometimes : (

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Two Men, Two Bottles.

I went to MoS last night with Alex. I have heard about news of the Cannery + MoS exclusive membership card launch, and so I headed down to apply.

I've always like MoS, and the rest of the Cannery in which I have yet to go. So getting a membership is one of my materialistic wants (especially for MoS) but its always so hard to get. So with this membership card launch, I didn't wanted to miss the chance.

But getting the membership isn't what you apply, what you get. Application will be processed through for selection. But the most basic thing they ask for is proving that you are fully employed and you're above 21 year old.

And that I did have a problem proving my employment.

One of the easiest way to prove one's employment is showing your business card. But still under a probation, I didn't have my namecard yet. So to solve this problem, I asked for the staff to photocopy my magazine's gloryboard (credits) page and I circled my name on it.

Seriously, spending $288 for two premium bottles of Chivas is a good deal. But as for the part in which is to get the potential membership is definitely quite a gamble.

I've should have write down this on the photostated paper to increase my potential of being a member (Lol):

"My magazine have high interest in featuring exclusive VIP events, especially of the luxurious high-end. As a frequent clubber of MoS as well as a media person, I might be able to help your business. By the way, I am the only full-time staff of my magazine firm. The rest of my team are freelancers.. get the hint?"

But of course, if I ever wrote this down, it might spell the end of my career. Lol. Not advisable to use company name for your own personal gains. Some what unethical lah.

Anyway, I managed to open my two bottles of Chivas, in which one I stored it first. Only Alex and I dranked the other bottle. So sad. We couldn't find anyone to come (all busy with something) even though we advertised so LOUD that we got two bottles of drinks for FREE. Kns.

Then I came to think of June.. Suddenly feel like telling her that I am finally able to open bottle (whether it is for her sake or not.. as she loves to drink but always she's the one paying the last time..) Opening a bottle may be a small thing for some. But for me, its a milestone.

Those days when I was pretty much bumming around between freelance, odd jobs and searching for a full-time employment I love, I struggled to keep up with my entertainment expenses. Frankly speaking, then I am always on the verge of being broke whenever June and Alex called me out to club or sing KTV for fun.

For my own financial reasons, I could have turned them down. But I knew one less person (me), their party could be less fun. And it is for June that I chose to go, because I knew she wanted to have fun and play as much as possible to make up for the sianness of her shift work. So I couldn't possibly disappoint her.

And I still remember, after I bought X'mas gifts for June and Alex, and with that clubbing session at that time, I went home a "broken" man. Lol. So silly.. What the extremity of my altruism had done to me then.

Now that I am better off, I couldn't return her what she had given me.. Just simply becos' of the fear of falling in love with this friend and potentially screwing up her life again..

I did asked myself this, whether I did really ever regret loving this person. The answer is no. In my heart I forgive her all the things she's done simply becos' she is what she wants to be, but somehow I never truly did forgive myself. Too kind I am.. And so I chose to hardest way, to stay away from a good friend. But sometimes, I also wish she was here with me to share the drink.. too much liao.

Anyway, I had fun playing with Alex, even though it was only the two of use. I owned him in most of the finger-guessing games, 5-10 or directional scissors-paper-stone thingy. But for the late games, I was owned by him.

Damn it. I reversed + reversed psychology in hoping that I think he might think I would start changing my typical directions and so I remained fixed in my directions but every time I failed. Lol. But it was fun lah.

I am still King : P

We managed to drank about almost half a bottle.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A New Tiny Furry Pet!

Yesterday, I got myself a new pet hamster!

It was evening yesterday when I was going to the movie at Suntec City along with Joe and Vel after our dinner together at Marina Square. Vel wanted to buy some stuff for her cats and so we headed down to a pet shop. But from the moment I got into the pet shop, I was very, very tempted to buy myself a pet hamster once again. The last one I had was being in my late primary school days.

And why would I suddenly wanted a pet hamster? I was planning to get a pet. Especially after my sis and future bro-in-law moved out a couple of weeks ago (along with their pet terrapins and fishes), my house became less lively and more quiet. And so I basically had in mind for a new pet.

I did wanted to have a dog for a pet but as everyone in my family would be busy working in the day, I doubt anyone could take care of a dog with the most utmost time, attention and care for it when I'm not around. And I would worry that if I get a pet dog anyway, the dog might either die of boredom or become the lonely character Tom Hanks acted in the movie Cast Away, and always talk to the ball living in isolation. I don't want my dog to have such a disorder barking at my dog soft-toy (Lol).

And so, the best pet to have, with low maintainance and attention, is a hamster.

Hamsters like to sleep during the day, so when no one is at home to give it attention, it can sleep all it want.

At the pet shop, I immediately bought a malt, light brown coloured male Syrian hamster, also known as Golden hamster. I did have another option of getting the long-fur version also nicknamed Teddy Bear hamster (I like teddy bears), but still I prefer furry animals with shorter fur.

Joe and the pet shop owner both recommended this breed of hamster because of its docile and tame nature. And it doesn't really bite. And the one I got a handsome few weeks old with dark red eyes, not too quiet and not too hyperactive.

With the hamster, I also bought its cage which is red in colour, and its food and bedding.

With all that, the petshop owner pack the little one into a box (with holes) and I put it in my bag (don't worry, my bag have openings for it ventilation. And with all the stuff and little one, we all headed for the cinema to watch Turistas.

Lucky, the hammy is in the box so he can't see the movie. The movie is sure one bloody and painful film to see.

After the movie, we went home. Immediately, I set up the hammy's cage equipped with a mini house, food deposit, water bottle and a running wheel. Adding the food and bedding, hammy's new home was ready for it.

Korkor in his transport box; Korkor's red home.

Korkor cleaning up himself and exploring his new home.

Getting the shy little fella out of its transport box wasn't easy. I didn't pick it out. I simple kept on calling it to come out. And it did. Looking a little blur, I slowly picked him up into my hands why he came out of the box and I put him gently into his new home. In no time, he got all excited and was exploring and getting himself cosy.

After all that, there was still one last thing to do. A name for it. And someone was excited to give it one.

When I bought the hammy, I took a pic of it and sent it to Zane informing her that I got a new hamster. Zane doesn't really like little furry animals in the sense that she doesn't like to handle them as she fear they might bite or got killed if she drops them.

But still upon hearing the news, from her replied messages, I can see Zane was all excited about naming my new pet, a pet naming "ceremony".

And the "ceremony" was fairly simple. After a while, Zane wanted to name it Korkor, as I told her it was brown colour and she wanted to name it after the colour as it was related to the chocolate kokocrunch cereal (although not exactly chocolate brown..). Although the name was not exactly in link with my new hamster, I decided to name it that becos' Korkor sounds a cute and easy name to call for on the little one.

In my mind, I did even wanted to give it more "no link" names like Mao-mao (calling it a cat), Gou-gou (a dog) or even Xiong-xiong (a bear). But I guessed calling it Korkor is more heartening.



The arrival of Korkor seems to be timely enough to entertain me as my internet modem died.. after my mum went to switch off its power when she was cleaning my sister's old room yesterday.

With internet at home, I would most probably die of boredom. Luckily, I also got myself Korkor that same day, to accompany me while I figure out how to recover my internet service.

So people, be prepared not to see me online during evening and night hours : |

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

650th Post

Till this time, I did nothing major since my day of work started. Did went to study some tutorials regarding some DHTML as I was going to make a webby for my company.

A project that I was relunctant to undertake simply because its been a long time I ever did one, especially in the programming the codes. My web programming technology is "ancient" as it is still table-based. Now, I don't even know what is the latest technology. All I know, generally the functional basics revolves around the use of javascripts and cascading style sheets programming, which I am trying to learn from some online tutorials.

But doing the whole web programming thing, I guess it'll be better if I experiment doing the codings at home. As I couldn't really test programming with my Mac here in the office, especially without a web publishing application which would help me in making the webby faster.

Haiz, was thinking of crapping some life theories in my blog to get my big head off the somewhat alien language.

But I guess I better return back to the online tutorials to study more codes. ZzZzz..

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I just came back from St. James power station, the "hottest" night spot in town some say, along with Alvin and Hong Yun, and their various groups of friends.

I am damn unsatisfied with my tonight clubbing session. It was mostly boring.

Firstly, we spent about 50% of the time walking in and out between the Tiger Live Boiler Room and Dragon Fly. Becos' of the various group of friends. Worse, there's is almosyt no long-term R&B Hiphop music which I like at tese clubbing spots. The longest was at Boiler Room which laster for about 10-15 minutes.

The rest of the other type of music and performances are nice.. but it just don't hype me up like R&B Hiphop music do.. Even worse, this is one time I went clubbing without drinking a single sip with the taste of alcohol. I did had two sips out of a jug of Vodka orange by Alvin's friend, Robin. But its totally orange juice man.

St. James is "unpopular" in my list. My comment of it for tonight is, "SUCKS". (Unpopular is one thing, happening is another. Going out with happening people, anything can be fun. But somehow tonight's just not happening lah.)


Someone I did not seen for months suddenly messaged me on MSN messenger in the afternoon. I was pretty surprised.. I do miss this special friend. And I really wonder how she is doing too.

But I am simply unsure of how to respond to her. I had a mixture of feelings. Being scared is one of them. I just don't know why. Maybe becos' after that past incident, I don't know how to communicate with her anymore. That's why for a very long time, I stopped communicating with her, becos' I am afraid. Cos' I felt whatever I do, it might be wrong.. harm her and hurt myself..

I am also curious why all of a sudden she messaged me. So I tried messaging her back becos' I was busy playing game. But her respond was one that made me unsure how to reply and continue, and nothing came back further..

Hope she's doing well, may God bless her.

I also miss seeing Vel, Zane and Linda. Hope I can meet them all within next week.

Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm so restless right now. Without any pending social activities this coming weekend, I felt there's nothing to look forward too.. Even the potential champagne bruanch with my bosses this Sunday was cancelled, because only they were invited..

I felt so sian.. Alvin wanted me to go clubbing at St. James this Saturday. I don't really like St. James. Neither I was in the mood to entertain people. Rather I want to be entertained..

Why is that whnever I needed entertainment, no one came forward and bring some joy into my life? I didn't want to expect anything. But I'm sure I helped a lot people, bring joy into their lives, but no one came to help me in my "darkest" hours..

Not that I always expect them to be with me when I needed friends.. but always timing is always wrong.. I wonder what God is playing again..

God, please send somebody to save my days ahead before I start thinking of those sad memories.. I want to bury all the sadness with happier memories..

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lunch in Morrocan Style

Wo ho. I just came back from lunch at Hilton Hotel for the Pomellato jewellery collection 2007 launch in Singapore.

I took a cab to the hotel from my work and spent five bucks on the transport. So this lunch although its free, it still considered about five dollars of lunch money.

Before the start of the lunch, there was reception of white or red wine outside, but I had none cos' I had an empty stomach. Along with my bosses, there were members of the media as well as many, many tai-tais. and they sure behave like one, but definitely poised.

Upon the start of the launch, we entered a Morrocan world. There was a small gallery of all the latest collection jewellery from Pomellato and also Indian "tatoo" hand-drawing and there's even tarot card fortune telling. And there were also models presenting the jewellery too.

Model taking the catwalk.

The lunch wasn't a gourmet feast but it was basically Italian. I had the appetiser salad beancurd with minced fish, and the main course of chicken breat meat topped with mushroom sauce. The food ingredients might be simple but there are well cooked by the chef. The chicken breast was cooked just nicely, not to hard and not too undone. The best part of it was eating it with a glass of white wine. Perfect match.

During lunch, there was also performances from a couple of belly dancers and a lady performer spinning some fire! The fire ended with the performer eating them out.

All these were nice but we have to leave early as my bosses had a meeting. And so I had to leave too because I don't think I want to be left alone. Kind of quiet in our own three already. Can't imagine if I'm totally alone.

The consolation was getting a sleeking Pomellato zip file and a welcome gift of a small necklace. Most probaby I'm giving these to someone who loves black.

Pometallo welcome gifts.

I feel like a summer santa claus sometimes : )

And I got a pieces bad news today. The KTV session with Hong Yun, Claudia and Huimin is cancelled as Hong Yun couldn't make it due to work. Huimin is also not very keen. So sad for Claudia and me

I've been waiting for it for about a week and now its cancelled. Sian : (

Anyway, got to get back to work now. I'll be surfing the net for some ideas in regards to some Maldives resort feature in my magazine. Its a headache since 3 days ago. I better jiayou and end it well.

Modern Baroque Rock Music Rocks!

Bought a new album after a short dinner meet with polymateys Andhika, Kent and Joseph. Catch up a couple of thing but not really much. Will need a another meet-up I think.

As for the new album, its Real's (the lead guitarist-turn-singer from F.I.R?) first album, with some chim Chinese album title. The album is really cool. Apart from the music, even the package feels very baroque. Just what I need, recently I need some baroque inspirations some a magazine section design.

I already did heard a couple of new songs from this album.

But this one caught my ears and especially my soul. Cos' it feels so me. The lyrics described what I am going through. Somehow, it motivates me, and I do not feel too alone anymore.


這是一個讓人沉淪的紀元 灰色謊言冷漠了整個世界
收拾心情我向下一站旅行 為了你 找尋能重生的預言

天使斷了翅膀微笑著 美麗的犧牲
帶著傷痕背負著人們 穿越聖堂之門
看到你那空洞的眼神 還想逃開害怕承認 你轉身

天上的風吹散了雲的傷痕 我才開始慢慢的學會平衡
愛的過程傷透了我的靈魂 你就這樣離開讓我很心疼

這是一個讓人沉淪的紀元 灰色謊言冷漠了整個世界
收拾心情我向下一站旅行 為了你 找尋能重生的預言

天使斷了翅膀微笑著 美麗的犧牲
帶著傷痕背負著人們 穿越聖堂之門
看到你那空洞的眼神 還想逃開害怕承認 你轉身

天上的風吹散了雲的傷痕 我才開始慢慢的學會平衡
愛的過程傷透了我的靈魂 你就這樣離開讓我很心疼

天上的風吹散了雲的傷痕 我才開始慢慢的學會平衡
愛的過程傷透了我的靈魂 你就這樣離開讓我很心疼

天上的風穿散了雲的傷痕 我學會平衡 永遠不再心疼

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Magazine Printed!

My dear magazine is finally printed out today, after a month's work. It is definitely a fruit of my labour, containing my efforts to make this young magazine a good one.

But sadly, after it was all not perfect. Even after we did so many quality checks, there is still a couple of mistakes I discover. Well, this explains in our life, no matter how much we sometimes we tried to prevent bad things from happening, they'll just happen. They called it the Murphy's Law.

The only things we can do is actually staying positive, move on and be a better person and do things better next time. Well, the imperfections in this issue's magazine reminds me how I would want to make my next issue designed and printed with zero error as much as possible.

Upcoming issue's feature is the Lamborghini; Over 2000 copies of Affluent Magazines (not available in newstands, mostly by subscription and private circulation).


Recently, I am very unentertained. I've fell ill and hoped that someone out there could cheer me up a little bit and make me a little more happier. Cos' I am feeling my mood is running low..

But no one came. I enjoyed myself but its only myself.. I love my bosses, but they're still my bosses. Not exactly my friends.

Today I was at the office alone most of the time. My bosses went out for meetings. I understand that my job requires me to work alone. But when there's no jobs to interest me to work for the best of it, I'll just feel bored.

I spent most of the time surfing the net and chatting online today, after I finished design whatever I could design for the next issue's sections, in which my bosses already gave me the resources to do so.

I do have some chop sui sai gang to do but I'm totally in no mood to do them. I only burn a few CDs of my soft files for back-up purpose. The rest of the files were a big headache as they involved more administrative planning..

So sian.. I really hope I have a pet dog right now so I can talk to it and hug it to death..

Monday, April 09, 2007

Stop Feeding the Bear! (Oh My God!)

I had a gourmet dinner this evening. Yum yum. Even though I'm feeling abit unwell with a slight flu and cough, I attended the event launch of World Gourmet Summit 2007 held at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore and managed to enjoy gourmet cuisines from around the world..

There I saw many famous chefs including Sam Leong and his gang of chefs as seen of TV, Master Chef Michangelo, the famous local Italian chef, and also Chef Milano and Chef Wolfgang Ranner as seen on Channel News Asia, all attended this world-class event. I also spotted the Flying Dutchman attending the event.

The casual and quick press conference; followed by the favourite reception of gourmet food.

After the casual press conference, Paul, Catherine and I headed for the reception along with a couple of media friends and we all start to enjoy all the food of Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Japanese, German, Indian, fusion cusines and many others.

I ate pork, beef, chicken and mutton. There seem to be alot of mini dishes with asparagus. But well, it taste nice. Not forgetting, I've also ate a couple of dishes with expensive cavier. Woo hoo! Don't know how many dollars down my throat. Heh.

Some nice tasty dish with asparagus and cavier; some sort of mousse dessert which is nicely decorated.

Along with food they're also beverages of all sorts; wines, champagne, beer, fruits juices and even "high-class" water from the Alps. I manages to drink a couple of glasses; a glass of red wine from some private chateau from France, to be eaten with some beef dish and another glass of white wine from Burgundy to be drank while eating some gourmet cheese. I also had some mini desserts which were all very nice but I can't eat too much as I'm coughing.

The weirdest dish I ate is a funny-looking dessert that looked like plasticine and the taste is tasteless and the texture feels like eating plasticine too..

But the eating session is definitely very enjoyable : )

Gourmet cheese of all sorts; Flying Dutchman attending the event too.

But I have to watch my weight. Never really exercise this days. I've gained 1 to 2kg!

Easter Weekend.

What a boring weekend. Can't sleep as I tried sleeping a couple of times just now, sleeping periodically for two times of an hour each.

I am sick today. Having a flu and a slight headache. I wanted to go out since yesterday but none of my friends did invite me to go out. I was too lazy to organise one also. So in the end, I stayed at home falling sick. Did wanted to head down to an Easter service with Linda today but now, its my turn to be sick.

I guessed God made a decision for me to stay home. I was relunctant to go out also as I really spent alot on entertainment this week on clubbing and a KTV session.

Really saw a lot of cash flowing out of my pocket this week. Apart from entertainment, I also gave out money for an outstanding insurance premiums of 4 months when I met Sheryl my outgoing agent yesterday. I also gave some pocket money to my parents.

Money was not too much of the concern when I'm giving it to cover the backside of my future and for my parents. My concern now is definitely some attention from my friends. I seem to be going down in mood recently.

I just don't know why I felt it this way but guess maybe I'm having pre-male tension PMT, something like PMS) again..

The only thing I looking forward now for the short-term period is some fun from a KTV session with my friends this coming Thursday. Sianz.. Tomorrow gotta work..

Lol. I knew I'll still enjoy my work tomorrow after whining today.. as usual. Haha.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Birthday Celebrations

Had a couple of birthday celebrations for my friends last night. Its been a shag night playing till late.

First was treating dinner to my best friend Elvin last night. Treated him shark fins and abalone at Boat Quay (cheap ones lah). Along with Alex, we had dinner together. And its definitely nice to see two of my cockster friends able to click.

After the dinner, Alex and I walked to Phuture. YES, we WALKED to Phuture for Chee Keong's birthday celebration there. Although its quite a walking distance and I didn't mind it. Somethimes I wonder if Alex is really broke to take bus or something. Haha.

Phuture happening on ladies' night.

At Phuture, many of Chee Keong's friends came. Before we enter, all the guys drank some beer at the nearby coffee shop. Feels very "uncle" along with nine other guys there. But I felt a sense of "Brotherhood of C.K." there. Even the uncle who serves drink there gets a drink treated by Chee Keong, as usual.

Caught up with some familiar faces like Zwee and Pinhan from our BMT. Deqing is one surprise I got. I actually worked with him during my part-time at Casserole catering.

Everybody loves Chee Keong. To prove that, everyone male and female gave him a kiss on the cheek without hesitating. Chee Keong was certainly happy. And we were glad to make him one happy man.

Chee Keong was busy entertaining his tonnes of friends. And so Alex and I mainly stick together like gays (but we're not of course). Janet finally managed to get down to the place after psychoeing her.

Alex and Janet certainly had fun togther. As usual, they bickered, teased and played with each other looking very much like kids. They wouldn't even stop after the clubbing ends when we went to a coffeeshop for some supper. I am very amused and entertained by them of course.

And their "battle" never stopped.

Their "eyes for each other".
(They didn't pose these pics for me. This is real!)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Another Outing

I had another day of outing with my bosses. Today we went to Sentosa Cove Marina for the media launch of the Boat Asia 2007.

Basically, we went there for food and sightseeing as we already did do coverage for this upcoming event. We didn't had the time to have the nice finger food when we reached there. But we still had the chance to walk into the different luxury yatchs and boats they had in display for us.

Catherine certainly had a hard time walking to the boats with those high heels and there's gaps between the jetty wooden boats. Lesson learnt, never go marina in high heels.

It was definitely cool being inside those luxury boats. Doubt many have the chance to be in one as they're are really super expensive. Going inside is by appointment only I think.

After the media launch for Boat Asia 2007, next we headed down to a newly opened Molten Brown lifestyle hair salon. Molten Brown is a branded skin and haircare brand in London, England.

We had a hard time looking for the place which can be considered quite secluded. I felt asleep in Paul's car while they were seraching for it. By the time we arrived, the event was over. Seen a couple of familiar famous people there.

The consolation we got is a very nicely packaged door gift of their shampoos and conditioners (which is better than the ugly looking tie they gave).

Think I'll be giving them to a couple of my girl friends to make them happy.

Monday, April 02, 2007

I Don't Feel Like I'm Working : )

Today is Monday. But I absolute don't feel like I'm actually working today. I feel more like some kid out for some excursion. Lol.

I was technically working half-day today, doing all the final working files for print in the morning. In the afternoon, I went for a vegetarian lunch with my bosses since its 15th of the lunar calendar month and they treated me again.

I would feel that I'm a sinner if I ever become lazy. Such good bosses.

After lunch, we headed down to the printing company, KHL Printing for a short meeting and hand over of our files and then we were brought around the printing room and other facilities to show me how the whole printing process works (actually I agar-agar know the printing process because I been to SPH production department before during my secondary school days.)

I understand a little bit detail more of the printing process, so that my work don't get technical rejected too much in the future.

After the visit to the printing company, we headed to the famous Loyang Tua Peh Gong Temple to pray. Never been to this temple before even though its famous. But I just pray for the general well-being of this somehow fucked-up world lah. I don't pray for riches except for health of everyone I know. I rather believe in putting in effort of my own self to achieve what I want to achieve.

Oops. I accidental sized down this picture and could not recover it : P

After the temple visit, we headed back to our office's nearby hawker centre for some coffee as our tea-break.

After that we headed back to office. Did some work before the company group's staff night started with a buffet and ended with all the staff getting their pay cheques.

I got mine earlier directly from my GM Catherine.

Wah piang. I actually had another cheque to put into my bank today from my insurance. But fucked up lah. I thought my name on that cheque from my insurance was totally correct as matching to my bank account, so I give the same name to the accounts department.

Fucked up. Just now after checking with my bank book, I realised there is a space of difference. Damn it. I just hope the two cheques don't bounce due to that slight difference, even though I put the correct account bank number.

Sian. I don't want any financial administration troubles. Damn mah fan one.