Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Bang! Bang!

Today. I had my pistols training course yesterday and today. It was definitely quite an experience going through the course as not many Singaporeans will have a chance to touch on handguns, especially these cool semi-automatics.

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The course was basically on the handgun model, SIG P226, which is a trainers' course (yes, I'll be a trainer). But other than the SIG P226, along with other fellow SSC specialists, we also learned two other pistols, the Vector SP1 and the Smith & Wesson's Super 9.

The course is certainly an eye-opener.

An Indian course instructor was teaching us the principles and fundamentals on pistols yesterday. He really had many stories to tell about guns, and they were really interesting, till he talked too much and everyone in the lecture room was dying to "get-it-done-and over", but we managed to finish the technical handling tests on all the pistols training we need to know by early afternoon.

The best part about the course was definitely the shooting.

I passed the course easily as I'm pretty much a weapon trained personnel. And moreover, pistols are less complex than rifles in its specifications, its safety and technical handling procedures.

In the today's morning, I went to Maju Camp for its pistol IMT (Individual Marksmanship Training) Simulation Centre. There we practcially learned all the proper range shooting procedures. It was fun, just like computer games, with a bloody realistic guns that is. My performance was good.

And at Maju Camp, I met up with Luke. Yes, the Luke my most of poly friends rejects due to his lack of ability to work with people... But that was the past, now he's a section commander.

I also met up with my BMT platoonmates, Weiquan, Brandon (aka Weiwei) and of course, my "beloved" BMT buddy, Andy Jr. Had quite a good chat at lunch in the canteen over there. I like the chatting session except there was one part, I didn't know what I do or say, it made them laugh but I do not know what was happening... Hmm...

Maybe there's an lemon grass mince on my teeth? I don't know...

Anyway, back to my pistol course, I left the camp and took the military mini-van back to Mandai Hill Camp along with the other fellow specialist and one of the SSC officer, Lt. Liu.

In the afternoon, all of the course trainers-to-bes went to the range for our shoot. The shoot was not bad, the best experience of the course.

As for my performance, as usual, I'm always shaky at start when starting to use a new weapon as I'm trying to get use to them and their procedures, especially firing pistols.

I was tense at start, because I didn't handle firearms live firing for quite some time and I wasn't really confident at start firing the handgun.

Grasping the fundamentals of shooting with a pistol wasn't easy, especially it isn't simulation anymore. The pistol recoil was harder. Everytime I fire, the pistol seem to be flying out of my hands. That is how big the recoil was, even if I'm holding it with two hands.

So my hands were like they were shivering, as I'm trying to hold my pistols very hard, but that didn't help much in shooting well. Gripping the pistols too hard ain't a good way to shoot properly, according to the fundamentals of shooting, taught by the coach there, Warrant Officer Sunnil.

After more and more practices, I finally got use to all the shooting. But during some fancy position shootings, I went to become a bo-bo shooter, scoring only 9 out of 20 shots. My eyes were really tired by then... as I didn't sleep well last night.

But I manage well enough to pass the course's live shooting qualifications.

But the best of part of all the live shootings, was simply wacking all the rounds anyhow (of course, I must still aim properly lah! But I'm more relax then...) with the Vector SP1 and Smith & Wesson's Super 9 pistols.

The experience was damn shiok man! It certainly de-stresses me!



Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Birth of the Dark Knight.

Yesterday, Monday. I am finally got the chance to watch the movie, Batman Begins, along with my past, usual, poly movie-going friends, Kent and Joseph.

I always like movies on superheroes. Superheroes are strong, but they are still human, and are emotional when life's is hard to get through.

For this movie of the Batman Begins, it is about how Bruce Wayne became Batman, how a normal human being became the dark knight legend. Comparing this movie to other Batman sequels, this one has definitely more human touch.

This initial Batman is seen getting hurt physically and psychologically. There are bruises, and there is fear, sadness and anger.

The other sequels which were shown first, they were more sci-fi, more out-of-the-real-time. So I find this truly the "first" movie, the best.

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Why do we love superheroes? Cos' they are like us, are emotional creatures that struggles through life's hardships...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Initial Weekend!

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Wouldn't it be cool if they could sell ticket movies as momentos too? =P

The day before yesterday, a Friday. I went to watch INITIAL D the movie with my fellow colleagues of officer, specialist and man!

The movie is nice, even though I'm not a Initial D fan nor really a fast cars lover.

The movie is very cool, in terms of the way they integrate the mixings of the sounds and the music with the stylish visuals of the pictures, especially for the races. As for Jay Chou's "acting", I'm still having my reservations on that, the rest of the actors' acting are fine.

Anthony Wong's acting is still the best. After all, he was crowned a Best Actor.

They is also some humour in the movie that is really quite funny. The romance part was not bad, but there's still reservations to that due to Jay Chou's "acting".

Yesterday, a Saturday. I had the worst mahjong session of my life! I lost $20+ in just one game! I guess there's no luck yesterday...

Haiz... Can win one, can't win. Somemore I kept giving people their winning tiles.


But well... Nevermind. Because the big winner was the lady host of the session, Ros, who'll be getting married today!

I lost my money to her somewhat willingly with my blessings bah.

(But losing to Chee Wee was a losing business! And he didn't get me anything back from his Thailand training trip! Lol!)

But weird huh? Getting into mahjong one day before she is going to marry.

Trying to de-stress she say...

Hmmm... Looks like the de-stress is on the expense of the stress in my pockets...


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

New Tasks + New People Introduced .

Yesterday. Finally, there is some changes in my work, even if they are temporary, they definitely offered a change of the boring routine as being in the "butt party" in-charge.

As for being in the "butt party", it is definitely not some butt kicking party. Its on leading men, men who did the same peanuts things everyday. Definitely, they'll feel their job is boring, not to mention mine's too.

Apart from supervising their peanuts things, I have to join in to do the peanuts things too. Even those job tasks we do are peanuts things, they still did not attempt to do them perfect, but frankly speaking, neither did I.

So sometimes I'm bugged by my "superior", a locally promoted 2SG (so he should actually be a 3SG like me), my slightly pushy platoon sergeant (PS) named Shahril.

My PS definitely lacks in discipline himself (recently always reposting sick), yet has high "expectations" of me, expects me to do my job well when he's not perfect. Lacking in proper communications, he sub-conciously plays the straight forward "rank and appointment" game and orders people around.

If the above statement sounded pretty serious to you, it is still an over-statement for now. Generally, my relationship with him is still okay, but that is based on my tolerance for him.

Somes like a typical bastardised regular sergeant, who actually got the face of being that too.

What does that mean?

It means I don't quite like him, especially his face. I hope I don't see his face sometimes, really.

Sorry, but I am being straight-forward on my perspective on about that guy.

Anyway, so I was being appointed as a "Safety Officer" yesterday, covering on some of the safety procedures. The safety coverage task was almost nil, as the shooters do that on their own, as thewy were very more experience and professional than me.

So my job was even more relax than being a "butt party" in-charge. The appointment of "Safety Officer" was somewhat redundant.

Nothing much on the safety job yesterday, except I was slight surprised when a Staff Sergeant shooter called me, "Sir". I doubt my postion as being addressed to that title, niether in rank nor my appointment.


Next on yesterday's key events was on some new "men" I got, who were just posted to my unit SSC. They're fresh privates graduated from BMT.

Like my first few days, they were doing nothing, for now.

Currently I hadn't communicated with them much. Its not that I'm lazy too, its simply their not much to talk about their new jobs as well as their new units.

Anyway, they're currently under somebody doing sai-kang. So nothing much to bother them also.

Today. There's no shooting to be conducted today. I was on course today on some field targets system on their working and programming functions.

It was only about a 2-hour short course. All the platoon commanding officers and some specialists were there.

Though there was suppose to be a IPPT test to be conducted today, in was cancelled due to the weather and unforseen circumstances. So we booked out from the course place at around 12pm and went to Jurong Point to eat lunch together!

Shiok ah! I had a lovely afternoon nap at home...

: P

Monday, June 20, 2005

+ Holy Vatican Art +

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Yesterday. I went to visit the Asian Civilisation Museam (ACM) at the Empress Place with my wonderful cousins Vel and Lynn. Their papa was out overseas, so I got to take over their papa's job on Father's Day, to take them out for a trip.

(^0^) Lol. Just joking'!

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By the way, the focus of the visit was the Vatican Collections exhibition held at that museam.

It was a definitely worth-while trip for an $8 ticket.

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I've definitely learnt more on Christianity and also some of the Christian terms I've always came across but never really knew their meanings.

Frankly speaking, I've never see such beautiful grand exhibits in my life with my very eyes. I especially love the Renaissance artwork, the grand and huge paintings and the amazing white marble scupltures. Some artifacts were interesting as they're described and explained by exhibit notes.

There were some rare relics from the True Cruxifix of Christ (so presumed).

There was the grand throne and the uniforms of past popes, which were also very beautifully decorated with glittering precious stones.

All and all, they were all very beautiful and very interesting.

The only real setback was the lack of physical space in the exhibition room.

The lack of that physical space made difficulty to the personal perspective enjoyment of the exhibits, especially the huge Renaissance paintings.

It was even more of a hinder when you just want to stand at some space at stare at the wonderful painting, only to realise you're blocking some people's way in the small exhibition hall. Or some bunch of people were gathering between you and the painting, as they are trying to read the exhibit notes below the paintings.

Now I truely realised why art museams need so much space in their exhibition halls.

Space is definitely needed for some visual comfort.

Though the exhibition is stated as the Vatican Collections, some were locally and regionally contributed exhibits.

On one of those from the local regions, I saw a statue of the Virgin Mary, sculpted in Asian style, from Vietnam, in which the Queen Mother was standing on a mystical snake. Its standing posture really looked very similar of the typical statues relating to Chinese Buddhist's Goddess of Mercy (also known as "Guan Yin") statues. And yet, interestingly both the Virgin Mary and the "Guan Yin" are both related for their merciness.

Interesting huh?

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Well, the Vatican Collections exhibition at the ACM Empress Place is definitely worth a visit! How about you going now?


Thursday, June 16, 2005

Save Me
by Corrinne May

I drift I burn, I fly
When you sing lullabies
I'm helpless, I'm yearning
I'm like putty in your hands

I laugh, I dream, I cry
When you take me on a rollercoaster ride
You see me through and through
You see just who I am
Just take my hand and

Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you, my sweet embrace
Heaven knows
Heaven knows I've been waiting for you

I had a dream that I
Was falling from the sky
At 90 miles an hour
I was bound to crash and die
But out of nowhere you came and rescued me
There must be some grace in the touch of your face
I'm so happy that I've found you
I'm no longer afraid

Oh 'cause you
Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you my sweet embrace
Heaven knows
Heaven knows I've been waiting

Before I met you
Life was slow-mo
So slow-mo
I thought I had it figured out
But you came and turned my whole world upside down

Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you, my sweet embrace
Heaven knows
Heaven knows you've come to

Save me from this place
Heaven knows I'm falling
For you, my sweet embrace
Heaven knows
Heaven knows I've been waiting for you
Waiting for you

Monday, June 13, 2005

Got Some Fierce Stuff!

Yesterday. Woh. I got some fierce stuff!

(Fierce as in "siong", as it is pretty tough on my wallet at one go! Price will be scary if I disclose it!)

I finally bought a new pair of inline skates (or roller blades), along with a set of protective gear, excluding the helmet (I learnt how to break fall in the army, so should be no problem. Hah!).

All of it are branded K2, all of 2004 models. Of course, if I bought this year's models, it'll be more ex.!

Like my Nike training shoes, its black and white. Classically cool. Its "blades" is shining sliver.

Well, I guess after buying all these fierce stuff. I doubt I'll get anything more on my shopping list (buy other stuff a wee-bit later so my "heart-burn" recovers...), most probably I postpone them till my next pay day.

But still I must admit, those are good stuff bought for fitness, recreation and just pure thrill.

The trial. Well, after I got home, I tried on the skates in my room.

Don't worry, I never fell in my room, even thought it was quite a small room...

Initially I was still a bit wobbly, but after awhile, instincts of my ice-skating skills took over. The rest was getting use to the motion momentum.


I'm going for the speeding thrill in the near future!

Gheezz! Who needs cars?! I'm going green for Gaia and pink for myself!


Saturday, June 11, 2005


Today. Am I crazy?! I bought another new album, ColdPlay's X&Y!

And I thought I just bought three new albums last week?!


Friday, June 10, 2005

Lost Weekends?

Lately. Aiyo. Two of my very good friends, Elvin and Chee Wee both has recently left Singapore for overseas training in Taiwan and Thailand respectively.

I'm kinda lonely now... (Waha...)



Now I don't know what to do without these buddies by my side, especially the weekends.

Looks like I have to find more friends and catch up with the old friends!

Or should I get a pair of new good friends call roller blades?


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Sweet Relation.

Today. I finally meet my beautiful cousin Vel. Got a pretty good chat with her on sweet tea at the Coffee Club at Kinokuniya.

She got alot of books there too, but oops, she forgot to bring her $ card.

Sadly, I got not enough money to pay for her too...

My pay ain't in my bank today, yet.


But the best pay-off is to see and know my lovely cousin better, isn't it?


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Lovely Weekend...

Last weekend. I went for lots and lots of entertainment last weekend. From LAN gaming, to mahjong and to movies. I've done it all.

Of course, fun and entertainment in Singapore always need some spending.

I am a big loser lacking in luck in this weekend's mahjong session on Saturday. But as I refer to the money lost in that session as just some money spend on some entertainment and socialising activity with my friends (other than refer it as a gambling means to win money), I didn't felt sad on losing the money.

In that way, I am happy to have play and share some fun with my mahjong kakis.

Those money lost will be lost.

But I got other free "kang-tow" or "lobangs". I watched free movies, Monster-in-Law and Cursed with compliments from another mahjong kaki friend who's a movie usher coordinator.

Monster-in-Law was a simple movie and was certainly a light-hearted funny movie to watch. But for the movie, Cursed, however, it is one of the worst and lamest movie I've ever seen in 2005. My comment on it is that you don't want to spend money to watch it.

So now, my bank account's is almost zero...


But never fear. Its all within my budget. Luckily, that bank account's my mobile cash in bank account. I do save some money into another bank account.

My dad still owes me some money on some spirit wine I bought for him on the Changi Airport's duty free shop when I returned from my Taiwan training last month.

As for now, I'm waiting for my big pay on tomorrow or on the day after tomorrow.

Yay! And I can finally go out and meet my cousin Vel. Long time didn't contact and see her sia!


Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Evening Leisure Hunt.

Yesterday evening. Life's so bored at my work, that I'm going retard, crazy, nuts and more...

I just can't stand the boredom and the lack of intelligent work anymore.

So I need to find some entertainment and leisure. So I plan to get some music and books to keep my brains from retarding. So I decide to go Orchard yesterday evening.

I did initially plan to get some books from either Borders or Kinokuniya, but I went to Orchard Road quite late.

I went to Takashimaya Shopping Centre first. Kinokuniya was closed.

Anyway, I was already doubting whether a book will help me last my extremely boring days, so I switched my hunt to music, later.

But I first went into the Gucci shop to check out whether its on sale, for a friend. But there was no tell "SALE" signs that the place's on sale.

Maybe it is, but due to its high-class protection of its high-end items, I doubt they would put "SALE" signs all over the shop at all. I did not see have any idea that any items has any price cut even I went on to see their exorbitant price tags.

I did thought of asking the sales executives whether the shop's on sale... but... I don't think I want too... Its a too much of a pai-seh thing to ask...

So I went to HMV Orchard, to hunt for my music. With the Great Singapore Sale on now, definitely, HMV also's on some sort of a sale (but definitely not on those new albums).

So what did I get?

I got a lately released album, Corrinne May's "Safe in a Crazy World" and Lisa Ono's albums "Naima~meu anjo~" and "Danes Mon Ile", a 2004 and 2003 released albums respectively (both the latest of Lisa Ono's).

I figured out out Lisa Ono's jazzy music will help me relieve my daily stresses of doing virtually nothing and Corrinne May's music will encourage and motivate to move on with my life, and to live it as lively and hip as possible.

That's pretty much matching to my current short-term life goals now.

: )